How to Give Your Small Grocery Store the Edge without Lowering Prices

Win the War with Grocery Experiences. Not Better Prices

Competing against big retail chains on price points is nearly impossible for small grocery store owners. Luckily, good price is not the only way to boost sales.

Grocery Experiences Matter

According to data compiled by Rave Reviews, American consumers value convenience over a good price. In other words, facilitating great user experience can make a bigger impact than even lowering prices.

Consumers Becoming More Tech Savvy

Convenience is driving modern consumers toward technology. And more buyers are placing their orders online.

According to statistics, 42 percent of consumers buy snacks online. Thirty-two percent go online to order groceries.

Big Brands Focused on Convenience

To cater to the growing demand for a more convenient shopping experience, big brands such as Walmart and Amazon are introducing new services.

Walmart Grocery, for instance, offers free curbside grocery pickup for customers who order online.

AmazonFresh Pickup is another exclusive service for select members. It allows Prime customers to order online and pickup in 15 minutes. Cameras scan license plate to identify customers as they arrive.

Customer Worries Over Online Grocery Purchases

Despite the benefits, consumers have certain worries when it comes to purchasing groceries online.

More than half (57 percent) say they worry their purchases won’t match what they ordered. Getting the order delivered when no one is home is also a matter of concern to 55 percent of consumers.

Opportunities for a Small Grocery Store Owner

Offering a more personalized and faster service can create opportunities for a small grocery store owner.

Many stores are engaging the five senses to offer a great customer experience. Others are using new age technology such as QR codes to make products more accessible to buyers.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how you can win the grocery wars without slashing prices.

Win the War with Grocery Experiences. Not Better Prices

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  1. On convenience, have you looked at the premium people pay for items at a gas station? Heavy premium for making it easy/accessible.

  2. I agree about the experience. Think of a twist. Think of something that only you can offer so that your customers will go to you instead of your competitor.