7 Examples of HR Software for your Small Business

What is the Best HR Software for Small Business?

Rather than devoting a lot of time, energy and resources on time-consuming and laborious human resources tasks, the savviest of small businesses use HR software.

HR software streamlines admin tasks, thereby freeing up your time to concentrate on running and growing your business.

Best HR Software for Small Business

Though the HR software market is rapidly growing and, with a plethora of products available, which HR software do you opt for? Here’s seven of the best HR software for small business.


BambooHR is HR software specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses. With this comprehensive HR app, you can find the right candidates for your small business faster with applicant tracking. You can gain quick, custom and precise HR insights with HR Reporting, track time off efficiently, and even save time, money, not to mention trees, with electronic signatures.

Other features include having the ability to create custom workflows, and employee self-onboarding for increased retention and engagement, amongst others. If you’re interested in using BambooHR to take care of HR admin tasks, you must fill out your details to get a free quote online.

HR Direct Smart Apps

HR Direct Smart Apps is a simple and smart HR software solution that is affordable for many small business budgets. HR Direct Smart Apps provides businesses with a free employee recordkeeping app which enables you to view, share and manage employee information with ease.

You can then decide which other features you want, including software to ease the burden of completing I-9 and W-4 Forms, taking control of employee attendance, smarter hiring, enabling employees to handle their time off requests, and more. These add on features each come at $60 a year.


You can simplify and streamline the chaos that comes hand-in-hand with HR with Gusto, from around $45 per month. Gusto makes HR, benefits and payroll easy. From sending out correspondence to new employees, to getting them onboarded and signed up on the payroll, you can make the whole HR process paperless and easy with Gusto.

What’s more, advice and support is provided by HR experts with Gusto if you need it. You can choose the right plan for your business and budget, starting from the Core plan, which costs $6 per month per person plus $39/mo base, to Complete, costing $12 a month per person plus $39/mo base, to the Concierge plan at $12 per month per person plus $149/mo base.

Zoho People

Zoho People allows you to manage all your HR admin activities from one central location. This popular HR app lets employees update their personal data, saving you and your team time. The software includes easy tracking of time and attendance, simplified employee performance reviews, automated workflows and reminders, all of which can be customized to fit your business’s needs.

Zoho People is available in different tiers, including Essential HR, Professional, Premium and Enterprise. Costs are extremely affordable ranging from around $1 to $5 billed annually.


You can streamline your HR operations, including optimizing employee scheduling, time tracking, vacation management and payroll with Humanity. With the Shift Planning feature, you can decrease the amount of time it takes to create staff schedules by up to 80%. The software also enables employees to request shift trades and vacation time themselves. The Time Clock features means you’ll always know when and from where your employees are clocking in and out of shifts.

This powerful HR software comes in several packages at different prices. The Starter package costs $2 per user. The Classic package, which is ideal for small businesses, costs $3 per user.

APS Online

APS Online is a comprehensive human resource management service which offers data integration, reports and analytics, payroll, and much more. You can manage all your core HR, payroll and attendance tasks in one system. You can also attract the top talent and onboard them quickly and efficiently with the APS Online software. You can request a rice quote from the APS Payroll website.


If you’re looking for assistance in time tracking and scheduling, Ximble makes employee scheduling and time tracking precise and easy, helping you save around 40% of your time. With Ximble you can manage employee requests and shifts with an easy-to-use interface, plan in advance with auto-scheduling, see employee availability and manage assignments.

This app provides a cost-effective HR solution, starting from $1 per user per month.

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  1. Once you get more people in your team, it is harder to manage them. Having a trustee HR software will help you automate this somehow. This is helpful especially if you are dealing with more than 100 employees.

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