MailTag Chrome Extension Introduces Free Tracking and Auto Follow-up for Business Email

New MailTag Chrome Extension Tracks Unlimited Messages in Gmail and G Suite

When you send an email for business, knowing the actions your recipient has taken provides valuable information about how you should follow up. The MailTag Chrome extension for Gmail and G Suite gives you unlimited email tracking, scheduling and auto follow-up, for free.

The MailTag Chrome extension lets you take three very important actions regarding the email you are about to send out or have already sent out. The extension does more, but by properly using these three functions you will get more from your email than just blindly sending them out and hoping for the best.

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As a free tool, MailTag gives small businesses some of the many benefits of email tracking solutions. If your company needs more services, the Pro version provides more options. The cost is $18 per month per user when you pay for the year and $25 per month with a monthly subscription. The free version has MailTag ads and signature watermark.

Features of the MailTag Chrome Extension

When you add the MailTtag Chrome extension to Gmail or G Suite, you will be able to track unlimited emails in real-time. You will know the exact time your recipient opens your emails because you will get alerts. Once they open the email and then click on any link, you will also be notified. And all of these actions can be analyzed.

You can track the performance of your email and figure out what is working with your audience. You can then make the necessary changes to correct what’s not working.

New MailTag Chrome Extension Tracks Unlimited Messages in Gmail and G Suite

With the Ping feature, you can automate the follow-up process of your email. You can customize the automated follow-ups by sending emails every other day, week or whenever you think is right to improve reply rates and bring your email to the top of the recipient’s inbox.

New MailTag Chrome Extension Tracks Unlimited Messages in Gmail and G Suite

Speaking of sending emails, you can schedule your emails so they get to their intended destination at the right time. Different time zones, reminders, and well wishing for birthdays, holidays and special occasions can all be scheduled.

New MailTag Chrome Extension Tracks Unlimited Messages in Gmail and G Suite

Email Stats

An analysis of the hundreds of millions of emails sent by MailChimp’s millions of users has revealed the average unique open rates, average unique click rates, average unique soft bounces, average unique hard bounces and average unique abuse complaint rate by industry.

MailChimp looked at industries from agriculture to vitamin supplements with companies ranging in size from 1 to 50 plus employees. The analysis reveals open rate averages of 15.22 to 28.46 percent, with click rates going as high as 5.13 percent.

The MailChimp stats highlight the importance of knowing if your recipients are opening their email, and what they are doing once they do open.

Even though today’s digital technology provides more ways to reach your potential customers than ever before, email is still a powerful tool. With the right applications, email can be optimized to engage with your audience and gather important data which can be analyzed to gain insights into their behavior.

Image: MailTag

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Michael Guta Michael Guta is the Assistant Editor at Small Business Trends and currently manages its East African editorial team. Michael brings with him many years of content experience in the digital ecosystem covering a wide range of industries. He holds a B.S. in Information Communication Technology, with an emphasis in Technology Management.

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  1. I’m surprised you’re promoting these guys. I subscribed for their services and then asked them to cancel my subscription ( there’s no other way to do this other than emailing them, once you’ve shared your card with them ).

    They emailed me back confirming cancellation of my subscription. This was around two months ago. However, they still continue to Bill me. I’ve emailed you ( Techwiser ) about my case. My strong request to you to stop promoting their service.

    • Thank you, Shravan, for your comment. I am sorry you are having problems with them. We are not “promoting” them. This is simply a news update about MailTag. We write news updates about thousands of companies and products we think are of interest to small business owners, as a service to our readers.

      – Anita Campbell, Publisher

  2. I’m having the same problem with MailTag – they don’t respond to emails, they will not let me unsubscribe. From what I’ve seen elsewhere (after the fact), this is how the company operates. Maybe a “news update”on that would better serve your readers?

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