Uh Oh! Only 10% of Companies are Fully Implementing New Business Tech

Small Business Digital Tools Adoption: Only 10% of Companies are Fully Implementing New Business Tech

A new report finds only 10% of small businesses have fully implemented digital tools like artificial intelligence and automation. According to the  Workplace 2025: The Post-Digital Frontier study from Randstad US, these same businesses are lacking in the strategies to make their workforces digitally savvy to the degrees workers want.

This is in spite of the fact the report also says 40% of employees have changed jobs to get access to the latest digital tools. A majority (72%) of the job seekers polled also say a businesses’ reputation as a digital leader influences their desire to join the company.

Small Business Digital Tools Adoption Low

The numbers represent an ongoing challenge.

“Digital technologies have fundamentally altered nearly every aspect of business operations today,” said Alan Stukalsky, chief digital officer of Randstad North America in a recent release.  “Yet, as our study illustrates, business leaders are struggling with how to unleash the power and promise that a technology-enabled workforce offers. The simple truth is companies must be willing to adapt and scale traditional business models, in order to effectively compete for talent and drive operational growth.”

The report found a company’s reputation and digital readiness were intertwined. Without both working together, any business could lose 60% of their employees. More than two thirds (80%) of the respondents defined the traits they wanted to see in these digital leaders as a commitment to innovation and ability to keep employees engaged with the latest digital technology.

One third of the workers felt their current employers didn’t have the on the job digital training opportunities they wanted.

To help businesses figure out where they stand, Randstad developed a proprietary quiz. Over 800 business leaders and department heads responded to the survey. Almost 3,000 American workers were involved.

Randstad North America, Inc. provides flexible human resources and work solutions. North American operations have 100,000 employees in the workforce.

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  1. This is true. Most are just focused on the daily routine. So adopting new tech is out of the question for it will disrupt the routine. It takes a culture of innovation to be always open to change.