Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council Leads New Small Business Roundtable Coalition

Small Business Roundtable Coalition Forms Among Leading Organizations and Advocates

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council announces formation of the Small Business Roundtable, a coalition of small business advocacy groups including National Association for the Self Employed, National Association of Women Business Owners and others.

Small Business Roundtable Coalition

The goal of this coalition is to benefit the 30 million businesses across the US by advancing policy, securing access, and promoting inclusion for their owners. In addition to the  Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, the National Association for the Self Employed and the National Association of Women Business Owners, the coalition will include the National Small Business Association, the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., and the Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship.

One of the challenges individual small business owners face is not having the resources to affect policy changes. By bringing together millions of businesses into a coalition, the newly formed Small Business Roundtable will give small business owners the voice they need in local, state and national forums. This is one of the many benefits Rhett Buttle and John Stanford, founders and managers of Small Business Roundtable, addressed in a recent press release.

They said, “Washington responds most to organized interests, and today marks a step to better organize the small business community. One in ten Americans take the risk to launch a business, and when they succeed, our country succeeds. With the backing of our members we can make sure Congress and the Administration hear this message loud and clear.”

The Need for the Small Business Rountable

Simply put, the Small Business Roundtable was put together to put forward a unified voice on public policy regarding small business associations. With a singular resource, small business leaders will have access to the latest information so they can use it to increase their influence and better advance small business interests.

Small Business Roundtable Chair and President and CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, Karen Kerrigan explained exactly what the coalition will do. She said the Small Business Roundtable will advance economic agendas across the United States while pushing forward meaningful action on a small business policy agenda. According to Kerrigan, oftentimes small business owners have been taking, “… a back seat to rhetoric or narrow special interests.”

She adds, “SBR plans to transform that narrative. We aim to coalesce the membership, reputation and influence of the collective small business community around three core offerings: policy, access and inclusion.”

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