Best 14 Square Apps for Small Business Payment Processing

The Best 14 Square Apps to Make the Most of the Payment Processor

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Square (NYSE: SQ), the easy-to-use credit card processing system, is proving to be a bit of a hit amongst small businesses. As well as being feature-rich, unlike many other Point of Sale (POS) systems on the market, Square does not charge monthly fees — no wonder small business owners love it!

From market stall owners to major corporations like Starbucks, businesses of all sizes and industries are using the mobile credit card processing application to simplify payments.

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Square’s POS works seamlessly with many popular apps to help streamline your business operations. To make the most out of the payment processor’s many features, take a look at the best 14 Square apps available for your small business.

Check Out These Square Apps


Connect the Vend app to Square payments platform and help manage and grow your business in the cloud with inventory management, ecommerce and customer loyalty for advanced and multi-location retailers. Vend will help save your business time by streamlining inventory processes.


Save your business significant amounts of time shipping products by syncing your Square account with ShipStation. The app will create labels and connect you to the leading shipping carriers.


Analyze your business’s marketing efforts with greater depth and comprehension by combining your Square data with your social media analytics, online advertising and email campaigns with the help of the SumAll app.

Small Business Deals


If your business has not yet got a website, it’s time to market your products or services to a global audience by creating a stylish website. The Weebly app helps businesses produce a beautiful and easy-to-navigate online store. Sync the Weebly app with Square to grow your sales on one convenient platform.

Fresh KDS

Fresh KDS is a Square-compatible kitchen display system which can be used in place of or combined with kitchen ticket printers. By seamlessly integrating with an iPad Square Register, the Fresh KDS app allows you to display your orders in real time.

Intrakr Inventory

Intrakr Inventory is an online inventory management system, which is designed for small businesses. The systems can work hand-in-hand with Square, providing real-time notifications about products, namely when they are getting low and need to be stocked back up.


By downloading If This, Then That (IFTTT) you will streamline everyday business tasks by connecting your Square account with other services, such as your email, Google Drive and Evernote.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

Harmonize Intuit QuickBooks Online with Square and have your accounting and bookkeeping needs taken care of. The app also enables you to track expenses and sales.

Wix Stores

The Wix Stores app allows you to build, manage and promote an eye-catching online store. You can choose a stunning template and customize the site, so it represents your unique business. Wix gives you all the tools you’ll need to manage your ecommerce store and sell online. Sync Wix with Square and you can enjoy easy online payment processing.


Sync the Shopventory app with Square to benefit from advanced inventory management. Through intelligent sales reporting, you will be able to get a closer grip on the profit margins of your business, across a certain category, item or period of time.

Zoho Books

Benefit from streamlining business processes, automating workflows and generating quick and simple reports about sale performance by syncing Zoho Books to your Square account.


WooCommerce is a free ecommerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to sell anything. The plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress. By downloading the WooCommerce app onto your smartphone, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your online shop. By syncing Square with WooCommerce, you can take Square payments on your WooCommerce store. You can harmonize inventory changes for both online and offline sales.


Sync the cloud-based Jobber app with Square for powerful scheduling, simple customer management and online invoicing. The Jobber app helps you to get paid faster – a desirable achievement of every small business.


Manage your product listings across all your channels with the Shopseen app. The app can be harmonized with Square Point of Sale and Square Online Store and even your social media platforms to centralize your marketing campaigns.

Of course, to enjoy all these business benefits, you’ll need to download Square Point of Sale. The Square Point of Sale app allows your small business to accept payments whenever you are. Simply download the app for free onto a mobile POS on a smartphone or a tablet, and you’ll turn your mobile device into a mobile payment processor. Once you’ve swiped a payment on the Point of Sale app, the funds will arrive in your account in no more than two business days.

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  1. Thanks for this list, havent tried any of them, now surely will use. and How does the square compare to pro pay?

  2. Thank you so much for this. So Square is more than just a platform. It seems to have some apps too. Interesting.

  3. I think Square wants to provide something more than just a way for payment. They want their customers to have a different experience with them than with their competitors.

  4. You really need to try out square and its apps to understand what it can do for you and your business.

  5. We have used Waveapps for invoicing and accounting and have had good luck with it. We provide professional phone greetings, auto attendant recordings and on-hold messages for businesses and our clients really like how easy and simple it is to make a quick payment.