Vegas Tops the List of Cities Where Millennials Are Seeking Work at Small Businesses

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We’ve reported how Millennials are looking for something more than money and benefits from their jobs.

These are areas where small businesses often fail to keep pace with larger companies. Those bigger employers are able to wave a little more cash around and offer things like health insurance and 401k retirement plans to new recruits. Small businesses aren’t usually that fortunate but luckily, Millennials are looking for more than just a fat compensation package.

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In its latest analysis of job listings, looked at places where Millennials are seeking out work at small businesses most. According to the numbers, Las Vegas tops the list of cities where those Millennials want to work for small businesses.

Two California cities are right on Vegas’ heels. Riverside comes in second place and San Diego, third. Houston and New York City round out the top 5.

“Millennials tend to have an affinity for small businesses with a clear vision that they can get behind and support, more so than older generations,” says Paul Wolfe, Indeed Senior Vice President and head of HR. “The same is true for their career, as we have seen it is important for millennial workers to see an impact that their work has on the company’s overall success. This list is interesting, as the cities where Millennials are searching for jobs with small businesses are in warmer climates and /or highly desirable metro areas in the U.S. Las Vegas, a newcomer to this year’s study, took the top spot away from Oklahoma City, which fell to the bottom of the list.”

Where Millennials Want to Work for Small Businesses

  1. Las Vegas, NV
  2. Riverside, CA
  3. San Diego, CA
  4. Houston, TX
  5. New York, NY
  6. Los Angeles, CA
  7. Phoenix, AZ
  8. Washington, DC
  9. San Antonio, TX
  10. Oklahoma City, OK

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