10 Ways to Move Beyond the Marketing Basics

5 Ways to Create More Effective Retail Promotions

If your business already has the basics of social media and email marketing down, then it’s time to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Members of the online small business community have honed their expertise in these various areas over the years. And now they’re sharing some of their top insights. Here are 10 community tips for moving beyond the marketing basics.

Optimize Your Google My Business Description

If you want people to be able to find your business online, then you need to optimize your Google My Business Listing. Your description is a big part of that. So take a look at the tips in a recent BrightLocal post by Ben Fisher to see how you can make your business even easier to find through search.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Discover the Zoho Ecosystem

Sell Your Business

Get the Keys to Process Improvement

In order to make your business as efficient as possible, you need to have effective processes in place. You probably already have some processes outlined, but there might be room for improvement. Here, Sonia Pearson of Tallyfy offers some tips.

Write LinkedIn Posts That Boost Your Influence

Social media is a very popular strategy for boosting influence. But some businesses forget to go beyond the standard platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In this Mostly Blogging post, Janice Wald shares how you can write LinkedIn posts that accomplish that goal. And BizSugar members share thoughts on the post here.

Consider Higher Level Approaches like Forging Partnerships and Networking

As technology advances, so do many of the techniques businesses use for marketing. However, some of the most tried and true higher level marketing methods like networking and forging partnerships remain important. So don’t forget about the ones listed in this Hey Design post by Lexie Lu.

Write Email Copy to Attract, Engage and Convert

Email marketing is one of those tactics that has been around for so long due to its major potential for impact. However, you need to keep your specific goals in mind when crafting your copy. In this GetResponse blog post, Jordie Black explains how you can write email copy that attracts, engages and converts new customers.

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Consider These Important Marketing Facts and Adjust Your Strategy Accordingly

If you want your business to really stand out from the competition, it may be time to do some more research into what works and what doesn’t. Consider these important marketing stats from Katie Lundin at CrowdSpring.

Fix These Content Issues on WordPress

If you have a blog or site on WordPress for your business, as many do, you might run into issues related to duplicate content that can harm your SEO. In this Search Engine Journal post, Adam Riemer details five common WordPress duplicate content issues and how to fix them.

Promote Your Ecommerce Business Without Being Salesy

Once you learn how to promote your business, the next step is to learn how to do it in a way that fits seamlessly into your communication strategy, so as not to appear too salesy. Learn more in this Pixel Productions post by Lucy Benton. Then see what BizSugar members are saying about the post.

Brand Your Freelance Business, Even If You’re Not a Marketer

Branding is a basic marketing approach for any business. But some solopreneurs, like freelancers who don’t  specialize in marketing themseves, might not know where to start. In this CorpNet post, Amethyst Tagney discusses how non-marketers can brand their freelance businesses.

Use Machine Learning to Get More Out of Facebook Campaigns

Most businesses use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. But new features integrating technology like machine learning could take those efforts to the next level. You can learn more in this Marketing Land post by Laura Collins.

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  1. Hi Annie,
    Thank you for mentioning my LinkedIn article. I highly recommend LinkedIn for content promotion. They have groups for many niches and interests. They have a forum as well. I’ve shared the post on Twitter and LinkedIn!

  2. Duplicate content issue is really hard to overcome and it creates issues with SEO. Although, I just read the Search Engine Journal’s article and it does have some really great ideas about how you can prevent it.