The 10 Best Checklist Apps for Small Business

What is the Best Checklist App for Small Business Users?

Juggling and prioritizing tasks is a skill business owners and entrepreneurs must master to keep operations running smoothly. Though with endless tasks to carry out daily, it is not difficult for organizational chaos to encroach on a small business.

Fortunately, help is at hand with checklist apps designed for business users to tick off tasks and get more organized. Take a look at the following best 10 checklist apps for small business users.

Best Checklist App List


Wunderlist is a great app to help you tick off your professional to-dos. With Wunderlist you can organize and share workloads. You can set due dates and reminders and assign to-dos, meaning you never miss an important deadline again. The Wunderlist app can be downloaded for free onto iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and the Web.


WorkFlowy is a notebook for lists, designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals be more creative and productive. The WorkfFlowy app allows you to make lists, take notes, collaborate with team members, brainstorm, plan and organize your working day, all from one convenient location. WorkFlowy can be downloaded onto mobile devices for free.


Habitica is a checklist app designed to help users motivate themselves and achieve their goals. This habit-building and productivity app comes with a twist… it treats your real life like a game, providing you with rewards for completing tasks and goals and punishments to help motivate and inspire you. With this gamification, checklist app you and your team can stay accountable by tracking and managing daily goals, habits and to-do lists. Habitica is a free app and is available for Android and iOS.

List It

Long business do-to lists can be simplified with the help of the List It app. The app’s simple interface allows you to add items to your list quickly. You can also create multiple tasks and use different colors and fonts to customize your to-do lists. The app’s TidyUp feature automatically or manually moves checked items to the bottom of the list. List It is available to download on Android devices.

Keep your tasks, reminders and lists in one convenient location and in-sync across all your devices with the app. With this simple-to-use checklist app you can plan your day, week and even month ahead, so you know exactly what you are doing and when. What’s more, with an Assistant taking care of your tasks, you can devote more time to growing your business. is available on Android and iOS for free.

Evernote Business

Download the Evernote Business app onto your devices and you can capture, organize and share notes and to-do lists from anywhere. As well as managing your calendar, coordinating with remote teams and keeping track of tasks and business expenses, Evernote allows you to create slideshow presentations. Evernote Business costs approximately $15 per user per month.

Google Keep

Track all your business tasks and tick them off triumphantly when you finish with the Google Keep app. You can get creative with your to-do lists by linking them with images, audio notes and color so tasks can be easily identified. The app also allows you to set location-based reminders, which is particularly effective for business owners and entrepreneurs grappling with a million and one things to do every day. Google Keep can be downloaded for free onto Android, iOS, Chrome and the Web.


Aptly named Checklist, this productivity-enhancing app is designed to help users improve their time management skills by limiting the amount of paperwork they require each day. Simply download the Checklist app and add unlimited numbers of items onto your lists. You can also mark tasks you have done and keep track of the status of your checklists. With this app you can attach important documents or pictures to checklist items. Checklist is compatible with all devices.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is one of the longest-running checklist apps. This simple and efficient app allows you to create basic task and to-do lists, which you can sync across devices and set important deadlines, reminders and prioritize tasks. Remember the Milk is free to download on Android and iOS devices.


Workflow is another great app for helping business owners and entrepreneurs run their business more smoothly. Workflow is designed to improve time management, so business tasks can be carried out with significantly less effort. With Workflow you can create different buttons in order to achieve various business tasks and goals, which subsequently helps speed up the flow of work and create a more productive day’s work. Workflow can be downloaded

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  1. Fan of Wunderlist and Habitica. I just wish that there’s a way that will make adding items to the list easier than submitting each one. It is easier if you can paste a list and it will be automatically created.

  2. I use Asana (not on the list) but I’ve heard good things about Workflowy.

  3. I have noticed that wunderlist is one of the favourites among customers. I haven’t actually used any of them, but I am considering to choose one and dig deep into it. I have experience with personal finance apps (also wrote an article), but it’s a bit different with small businesses.