Best 20 Voice Recorder Apps for Small Business

What is the Best Voice Recorder App for Small Business Users?

Today’s small business owners are more mobile than ever. So while you’re out and about, you might find yourself in need of a quick and easy solution for saving and sharing ideas or notes. If you don’t have a notebook nearby and don’t want to type a thought into your phone, a voice recorder app could be the perfect solution.

Best Voice Recorder App List

There are plenty of different apps with this function for both Android and iOS devices, some with unique features. Here are 20 different options to consider.

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Voice Memos

The voice recorder app that comes standard on iOS devices, Voice Memos gives you the ability to record, pause, and save your memos on your device. You can also send them via email or share via social media. So if all you need are the basics, you might simply choose to stick with this standard option.

Voice Recorder

An free iPhone app with a few features that go beyond what is offered in the Voice Memos app included on those devices. Voice Recorder offers unlimited recordings, transcription, and audio editing. Some advanced features are offered as in-app purchases.

Audio Recorder

A simple recording option from Sony, Audio Recorder offers memo recording, transcription, and editing features. You can also save and upload your recordings to cloud platforms.

Just Press Record

This app prides itself on simplicity. Just Press Record lets you tap to record from the app or even your phone’s home screen. Then it backs up the recordings in iCloud, transcribes them, and even lets you send them to other apps with audio and text functionality. The cost to purchase is $4.99.

Easy Voice Recorder

A simple solution for Android devices, Easy Voice Recorder offers an option to hit record right from the home screen. You can also take and save long recordings, in case you need to record meetings or lectures. Then you can also share and organize your recordings into different categories.


Parrot offers a completely customizable voice recorder experience for Android devices. It includes HD voice recording that you can edit and configure to your exact specifications. It also includes some video and call recording options.

iTalk Recorder Premium

A fully-featured recording app, iTalk Recorder Premium is available for iOS devices for $1.99. It offers simple recording and then the ability to share your files via email, iTunes File Sharing, and AirDrop.

Smart Recorder

This Android app features a simple user interface and high quality sound recording. You can use Smart Recorder to record long conversations or thoughts or even music.

Voice Record Pro

A professional voice recorder with plenty of editing options, Voice Record Pro lets you record MP4, MP3 and WAV files and even convert to different formats. You can also save and share your recordings once they’re completed.


Cogi is an Android app that lets you record memos with one click. Then you can add images, notes and even hashtags to find the most relevant memos later on. You can also back up memos to the cloud.


Say&Go is a voice recorder app for iOS that is meant for quick notes. You can set it to automatically save and share each message. You can even use them as reminders for specific tasks.


Snipback is like the DVR for your phone. You can leave it on your phone and then go back to record something that happened up to 30 seconds ago. Say you’re having a really thought provoking conversation and someone shares a thought you want to remember. Even if you weren’t recording, you can go back to save that thought. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.


A transcription service that will turn your recordings into written content, Rev also offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. The apps themselves are free, and transcription costs $1 per minute.

Smart Record

Smart Record is a fully featured app that offers recording, transcription and phone call options so that you can save both musings and conversations. It’s available for free on iOS devices with in-app purchases available.

RecForge II

RecForge II is an Android app that can be used to record voice memos as well as things like music. It includes some advanced features like the ability to skip silences and adjust tones.


Evernote isn’t just a voice recorder — it’s a mobile and web app that you can use to take all different types of notes and organize your information. But voice recording is a feature that’s included in the free mobile apps for both iOS and Android.


Microsoft’s note taking platform OneNote also offers a variety of different note-taking features. In the free Android and iOS apps, voice recording is one of the functions available.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This voice recording option is meant for those who need high quality sound, like those who might want to record thoughts speeches to share on their websites or email lists. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is available for free for Android devices.

Call Recorder

If you’re ever in need of a solution to record phone calls, like interviews or brainstorming sessions with team members, Call Recorder offers a solution for Android devices. It does have a regular voice recording feature as well, but not as many advanced options as other voice recorders.


Another app that specializes in call recording, Tetra lets you make calls through the app, flag important moments that you want to go back to, and then take notes and share snippets of the conversation afterward. This one is available for iOS devices.

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