eFleet Hub Helps Small Businesses Better Manage their Vehicle Fleets

Fleetworthy eFleet Hub Designed for Bringing Multiple Streams of Driver Data Together

The new eFleet Hub by Fleetworthy Solutions was developed as a compliance tool so fleets can better manage their data with the onset of the new electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.

Fleetworthy eFleet Hub

With eFleet Hub, fleets will be able to log in and view their data on a single dashboard online from the many different service providers in the marketplace.

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For independent drivers and operators of small fleets, it means they will be able to access the data they need to show the status of their compliance to regulators quickly and easily. And as more drivers and operators use different ELD operating systems, bringing all of the data into one system will result in a more efficient operation.

Rob Getz, CEO at Fleetworthy Solutions, explained how having the different systems makes it challenging for fleet operators, which led to the creation of eFleet Hub. In a press release, Getz said, “With so many providers of telematics, so many sources of fleet data to manage, and so many places to lose track of it all, we developed this new product to ease that pain. It is a piece of technology focused on simplifying a once tedious and time-consuming task for our customers.”

What is the ELD Mandate?

With the ELD Mandate, commercial bus and truck drivers will need to keep track of their performance with an electronic driver’s Record of Duty Status. This replaces the paper logbook drivers have been using to show they are complying with their Hours of Service requirements.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published the final electronic logging device rule in December 2015 with the first deadline to comply set for December 2017. You can go to the administration’s page to get more information about ELD here.

How is eFleet Hub Going to Help?

With this solution, the data sets from Hours of Service, GPS, driver performance, fuel use, toll dollars and other sources will be consolidated in a single online dashboard, whether it is manual or electronic.

This type of accessibility will make it that much easier to view safety issues and violation quickly before they cause costly damage to the public, driver, vehicle and your company.

According to the company, this data is available in near real-time for operators in one location. Operators will save time by not having to search the information they need from different platforms and service providers.

Fleet operations can be more responsive and agile by addressing non-operating vehicles and repairs, as well as drivers who are not on the road. Having this information readily available also makes dealing with regulators easier because a fleet’s safety and compliance health snapshot are easy to get to.

eFleet Hub currently integrates with Omnitracs, Verizon Connect, Rand McNally’s DriverTech, Geo Tab’s mygeotab and other data providers. And if fleet operators need to integrate a new provider, eFleet Hub can add it.

The eFleet Hub platform is available from Fleetworthy Solutions across North America.

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