How to Keep your Motivation While Going it Alone as an Entrepreneur

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How to Keep Going When Others Won't Go With You

The life of an entrepreneur is challenging. It’s not always awesome trips and getting a pat on the back for your work. There’s usually a decent amount of time spent sitting behind a laptop alone testing ideas and working your tail off.

You may not even see money from your ideas for several months or even years. People will ask when your business is going to go viral or when you’ll become the next “big thing.” They may even wonder why you’re putting in so much work when you see little return. Sadly, they don’t understand your vision.

How to Keep Going

Everyone has naysayers and doubters. It’s something I’ve dealt with throughout my entire career. But you can’t let it stop you from doing what you need to do with your business. Some people play it safe, and some people step outside of the box to try new things. It can be lonely outside of the box, but here’s how to say motivated.

Be a Doer, Not a Talker

I’ve learned to keep my ideas and next steps to myself instead of sharing with people who may have limiting beliefs about themselves. When you share something with someone, their response has nothing to do with you and more to do with what they think of themselves.

Very early on in my freelance career, I wanted to start teaching people what I learned about pitching and building a client roster. I told a friend about it and they asked — who would listen to you? Although it was explained away as a “joke,” it still felt like an epic burn. It had such a bad affect on my mindset that I spent years dragging my feet about sharing my knowledge with others. I had a serious case of imposter syndrome about coaching or publishing a book.

Protect your mindset at all costs. A positive mindset helps you stay motivated. Don’t share information with your friend, aunt, or grandparent who’s always negative. Do whatever it is that you want to do first and tell them about it later.

Don’t Become a Recluse

If your closest friends and family don’t understand your passion, you may find yourself avoiding them altogether. You can solely become a hermit. It’s less stressful to avoid social situations entirely than have to explain your business for the millionth time to people who don’t understand. Be sure to go out and enjoy activities you used to do before you became a visionary. Even for introverts, a lack of human interaction or outdoor activity can be poor for your mindset. 

Journal about the challenges you’re having. See a therapist. Listen to audiobooks for entrepreneurs while you work to keep spirits high. My favorite tip is to get tight with other visionary friends. I credit a lot of the mindset improvements I’ve made to spending time with other people who dream big. They encourage me to go for my goals and even point out places where I limit myself. People who “get you” are people you must have in your inner circle.

Final Word

Being an entrepreneur or creative can be isolating. It’s bucking the status quo and forging your own path. This makes some people uncomfortable. Own your purpose and your ideas and stay the course.

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  2. It is important to live a life of balance. Success is not found in constant work but in just learning and doing your best.