Nextiva Launches NextOS Communications Platform with AI

Nextiva NextOS, solving a business communication problem with artificial intelligence

Nextiva, known for its leadership in voice technology and cloud capabilities has launched a comprehensive, unified communication platform that uses AI and machine learning.  Nextiva NextOS is designed to corral a number of usually siloed communications tools into a single dashboard.

This single platform is intended to make customer engagement better, easier and faster. The company says that with NextOS, there’s no need for small businesses to provide client satisfaction through several different applications. Everything is in one place.

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Solving a Business Communication Problem

NextOS solves a business communication problem that’s all too common, says Nextiva CEO Tomas Gorny. 

Today, businesses have an incomplete and disjointed view of their communications with customers. “The tools on the NextOS platform empower businesses to gain a holistic view of their communications and customer interactions without the use of siloed, fragmented tools,” Gorny said. 

Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva’s CMO, explains how the proliferation of software tools adds to customer communication problems. “Today the complexity of customer relationships is growing. The pressure to get the customer relationship right is increasing. Unfortunately, a lot of companies aren’t able to deliver and that’s partially because there are more ways to connect now than ever before.”

Masjedi says that getting software from multiple different sources is not only complex, it’s costly. “Companies have an over-provision of technology. All these software products can be expensive and add to monthly costs.”

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Nextiva NextOS Combines Apps Into One Platform

Nextiva NextOS funnels channel streams commonly used to serve customers into a single platform. The launch includes three new tools for communicating with customers:

  • A new CRM app that’s a one stop location for customer service information in real time.
  • A survey feature that lets small businesses create surveys they can distribute for feedback.
  • A browser-based chat feature to serve customers better.

NextOS also captures customer feedback and analyzes it into insights. Included are insights into customer sentiment.

NextOS is designed to predictively trigger next steps to take based on sentiment. For example, if a customer is happy it might trigger sending a special offer.  If the customer is very unhappy, it might trigger escalating the issue to a manager to call the customer.

The flexible “rules engine” provides a number of functions like assigning a task or creating an account.

Importantly, the platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for efficiency and advanced insights. Without AI, actions would take businesses much more time and effort to do. Insights would be harder to glean.

NextOS uses scores, percentages and graphs to let your team know how they are doing serving customers.

NextOS also lets you communicate with customers on voice, chat and email from one dashboard.  The company’s website says social and SMS text messaging is coming soon.

The new platform took several years to develop, says Masjedi.

Serving Business Customers for a Decade

Nextiva is a cloud-based business communications company. Along with NextOS, Nextiva also offers several choices in cloud phone systems and hosted call center capabilities.

The official launch of NextOS coincides with the 10th anniversary of the company signing its first client.

Founded in 2006, the company works with over 150,000 customers today. Customers range in size from large enterprises, to midsize businesses and small businesses. The company’s headquarters is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Interested small businesses can sign up for a free trial on the Nextiva website.

Image: Nextiva

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  1. AI is bound to get bigger in the upcoming years. It helps a lot with automation and customization according to the needs of the target market.