New Checkout Widget from PaymentSpring Offers Custom Buttons for Eccommerce

PaymentSpring Checkout Widget Now Available for Your Website -- No Expert Needed to Set It Up

A new Checkout Widget from PaymentSpring aims to let you set up custom checkout or donation buttons on your small business website with ease.

PaymentSpring says you can add this payment and donation feature to your site using the Checkout Widget within a few minutes.

Whether you are a small business looking to expand your ecommerce capability or a small developer seeking to add another service to provide your small business customers, being able to quickly deploy payment functionality has many benefits. For the business owner, it means more control over your payment system, and for the developer, it can mean a value-added service to increase revenue.

In a news release, Mike Phelan, president of PaymentSpring, said, “The benefit of our custom Checkout Widget is that it lets anyone build their own checkout form by answering a few easy questions. You check a few buttons, and the form builds as you go. Watch it take shape, and adjust until you like what you see. It can be done start-to-finish within five minutes.”

PaymentSpring Checkout Widget Features

The new Checkout Widget allows you to set up a payment system to accept all types of payments, the company says. And no special technical skills are needed for set up.

Small Business Deals

Once you create your custom or donation button simply copy the code and paste it into your web page.

After the button has been created, you can further customize the features. If you are looking to accept donations, you can pre-set the amount or let your donors decide on the amount. The custom field lets you offer options or add other buttons with your own text.

PaymentSpring Checkout Widget Now Available for Your Website -- No Expert Needed to Set It Up

The company says the button can be customized to accept on the spot or recurring payments using credit and debit cards, automated clearing house networks, checks, digital wallets or Electronic Benefit Transfer. Once the button goes live and you start accepting payments, you can manage them through a gateway in a single dashboard.

Simplifying Payments

When the payment process on your website is complicated, customers may become discouraged before ever making a payment, costing you valuable sales. Paymentspring touts Checkout Widget as a way to avoid third-party redirects or sign-ins.

This allows your customers to quickly make a payment on their smartphone, tablet or PC with secure vaulting and level 1 PCI compliance.


Paymentspring offers a variety of options for taking payments either in person or on a website. The company has a $5 monthly fee for mobile transactions where the card is present with a 2.75 percent fee for each transaction. It also provides one magstripe reader for free (you pay $20 for any additional reader) and if you want an EMV/chip reader it will cost you $59.

For ecommerce transactions where the card is not present, there is no monthly fee. The transaction fee comes to 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for cards and 0.8 percent for automated clearing house payments.

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