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Shutterstock Introduces New AI Tools to Find the Images your Business Needs

New Shutterstock Showcase Using AI to Power Its Image Library Search

A company offering an almost limitless supply of images for small business use is introducing a new option to find what you’re for more quickly.

Shutterstock [1] (NYSE: SSTK) has more than 190 million license-able images small businesses can use on websites and other marketing materials. But as the library keeps getting bigger, it is going to take longer to quickly find the images you want.

To overcome this challenge, Shutterstock has launched Showcase, a new site [2] with a suite of search tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning.

Showcase is an evolution of Shutterstock Labs, which was launched in 2012 as a platform for exploratory tools and products. The company has been developing innovative solutions to improve image search with tools such as Composition Search with computer vision technology, Spectrum and Reverse Image Search. The goal for Shutterstock is to make the millions of images it has in its library available with a higher degree of accuracy and speed.

In a press release, Jon Oringer, Founder and CEO of Shutterstock, explains what his company is doing to improve the customer experience. Oringer says, “Shutterstock is dedicated to providing our customers with smart, easy to use tools and technology that are seamlessly integrated into their daily workflow. We continue to invest in building an innovative platform for our users around the world and investing in computer vision research and deep learning to improve the customer experience.”

New Shutterstock Showcase Using AI to Power Its Image Library Search

What is in Shutterstock Showcase?

Showcase will have three new tools called Reveal, Copy Space and Refine. Together with other previously introduced features, they are going to improve search results for images on Shutterstock.

Reveal is a Google Chrome extension which lets you select an image online and find something similar in Shutterstock’s library using its deep learning algorithm. Reveal will surface photos, vectors and illustrations marching your web selections.

New Shutterstock Showcase Using AI to Power Its Image Library Search

Copy Space leverages Shutterstock’s computer vision technology to make more precise searches for images that have space for text and then select where and how much copy space is needed.

New Shutterstock Showcase Using AI to Power Its Image Library Search

Refine further hones your search by taking the results of the first-page search and finding similar images. The tool lets you select the images that best match your search and then brings up other images with corresponding features.


Images: Shutterstock