10 Ways to Accelerate Your Online Marketing and Small Business Growth

10 Ways to Accelerate Your Online Marketing and Small Business Growth

For some businesses, slow but steady is their preferred way to grow. But for entrepreneurs seeking to master their craft and build their empires quickly, careful planning and expertise are required. To learn some of the top methods for accelerating growth in your online marketing plan and beyond, check out some of the tips from members of the online small business community below.

Improve Quality, Productivity and Morale with Process Standardization

If your team is left to guess or figure out on their own how to best complete your company’s mission, it can lead to a lot of subpar work and confused employees. But if you utilize process standardization, you can improve several aspects of your business. Michael Schultheiss goes into more detail in a recent Process Street post.

Inform Your Content Strategy Using SEO Insights

Content marketing may very well already be a part of your growth strategy. But if you want your content to be as effective as possible, you need informed insights. In a recent TopRank Marketing post, Anne Leuman offers some SEO insights you can use to shape your strategy.

Save Major Time with These Apps and Tools

If you want to grow your business, you need to find ways to become more efficient. There are plenty of time-saving apps and tools out there to help, including the ones featured in a recent Content Marketing Institute post by Jonathan Crossfield. Also see commentary about the post from the BizSugar community.

Take AdWords to the Next Level with These Google Optimize Tests

Google now offers the ability to connect landing page tests to AdWords, giving businesses a simple way to make their online advertising campaigns more effective. A recent post on the Search Engine Land blog by Matt Lawson includes some tests you can use to step up your PPC campaigns with AdWords.

Blog Less and Spend More on Technology to Improve SEO

Blogging has been considered a cornerstone of SEO for years. But it doesn’t have to be the only thing you focus on. To accelerate your traffic and online growth, Neil Patel suggests spending more on technology rather than focusing so much on blogging. Read why here.

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Start with Good Web Design for Digital Marketing Success

Before you can really get your online marketing efforts off the ground, you need a great website. The design of your site can make a big impact on how people see your business. So start with good web design, as Ivan Widjaya of Biz Epic explains.

Don’t Overlook These Social Media Marketing Slip-Ups

It’s natural to make mistakes when marketing a growing business. But some mistakes shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when it comes to social media. Vishwajeet Kumar discusses some of them in a recent Inspire to Thrive post. And BizSugar members comment on the post further.

Include Influencer Marketing in Your Online Strategy

When you post content online, you’re only reaching your existing audience. But anyone beyond this group can be difficult to target — until now! Consider adding influencer marketing to your strategy as a way to increase your reach. Chris Zilles elaborates in a recent SocialMedia HQ post.

Meet Your Company’s Goals with Influencer Marketing

Another dive into the world of influencer marketing, a recent Marketing Land article by Megan Krause offers some insights into how you can use the emerging marketing tactic to make a major impact on your company’s growth and other goals.

Use Email Segmentation for Your Event Marketing Campaigns

If you use events to promote your business in person, you should communicate effectively with potential attendees online as well. That’s where email segmentation can be a major help. You can learn more about this concept and how to use it for your event campaigns from Stephen Kim in a recent GetResponse post.

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  1. Influencers can really speed up your online marketing but that is only if you have something that is worth sharing.

  2. It is about the mixture of knowledge and action. You may know well what to do but you will not make any money out of it unless you take action.

  3. Success is a combination of a lot of factors. It is not just about having a website and launching it. It is also about having the skill to see what works and what doesn’t.

  4. Great tips here. Just adding to your point on “Start with Good Web Design for Digital Marketing Success” – a companies website design goes hand in hand with SEO ranking and customer acquisition. Google reads more into the User Experience on websites these days. So to ensure you are setting yourself up for online success it is definitely worth ensuring good if not great website design is used. Aspects like website load time and mobile friendly design are essential. Google will reward such website with higher rankings, which equals more visibility, greater sales etc.

  5. You can invest in automated stuff but doing things manually and planned gets more results, although a bit slower.

  6. This is very well written! Marketing for a small business on your own can definitely be overwhelming at times. You have truly enriched me with some excellent knowledge about marketing ideas!!

  7. Informative post.

    I also try to follow the basics mentioned, apart from that my basics include –
    A. Mobile dedicated websites
    B. Amazing Page speed (<5 sec at the worst)
    C. Making pages text heavy
    D. Heavy Internal Linking

    On branding its just social media & performance is from SEO & SEM mostly.
    Influencer marketing is something I want to try out. Just want to know more on trackability of the influencer marketing campaign & it's effeciency.

  8. Use organic method like SEO and patience is a virtue. Just wait from 6 months to 1 year. Publish attractive contents, images, and videos. You will see the great results