Boxstorm Forever Free Offers an Online Inventory Management System for Small Businesses

Boxstorm Offers a New Online Free Inventory Management System

Small businesses will now be able to automate their inventory management for free with Boxstorm Forever Free.

According to inventory software company Fishbowl, which created Boxstorm, this will be the first free online, unrestricted inventory management solution with QuickBooks Online integration for small to medium-sized businesses. The company said this will eliminate the manual processes many small businesses deal with.

With 84% of small businesses relying on manual processes, the time and money this new solution offers will be invaluable for many companies. This is because inventory management is rife with manual processes which have to be regularly updated. By offering this free option, Boxstorm is giving small companies the opportunity to experience an automated solution without any risks.

This is not to say Fishbowl is discontinuing its other paid services. John David King, Fishbowl CEO, addressed this very point in a recent press release. King exxplaind, “Many businesses may never need more than Boxstorm Forever Free — and we’re ok with that. Boxstorm Forever Free is a product of Fishbowl, the No. 1 inventory management solution for Quickbooks. We understand the challenges small business owners go through. Boxstorm Forever Free makes it easy for them to overcome those challenges.”

A Free Inventory Management System

Boxstorm Forever Free is a truly free solution without ads, caps on items in inventory, caps on the number of users or caps on locations. The company says no one will even call you to upgrade. You also don’t have to provide a credit card. Yet you get a fully functioning inventory management solution.

It is important to note you don’t need to implement QuickBooks. You can use it as a standalone solution to track your inventory. But if you already have QuickBooks Online, it can be integrated with Boxstorm on your computer or mobile device.

The free features include functions which allow you to add items, import and export data, add or remove inventory, move inventory, scan in and out, audit trail and more.

The platform also allows integration with standard scanners as well as free Android and iOS apps for smartphone scanning. If that wasn’t enough, Boxstorm is also providing free training videos and interactive guides so you can learn how to use the service.

Yes, Free

For a small business owner with minimal workforce and a large inventory, automation can introduce a new level of efficiency in the company.

If you don’t have an automated system to keep track of your inventory, this is a great opportunity to try Boxstorm Forever Free.

If you want to upgrade — not that you have to — Boxstorm has Basic, Premium and Ultimate tiers for $19, $39, and $59 respectively with progressively more advanced features.

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