Check Out Duo, A Portable Second Screen for Your Business Laptop

Check Out the Duo Portable Dual-Screen Monitor

The benefits today’s portable computing devices provide come with a downside, limited screen real estate. Duo, a product from Mobile Pixels, is a truly portable dual-screen laptop accessory which attaches to the back of your laptop to boost your productivity by up to 50%.

Duo is currently taking part in a Kickstarter campaign which met its funding goal of $35,000 in less than four hours. With 26 days to go, it has received $358,666 from 1,847 backers.

What has backers excited about Duo is its portability and simplicity. And for small business owners on the go and freelancers, as well as everyone else looking to be more productive, this device delivers.

The duo works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and Chrome devices by providing a 12.5″ display with a 1080p resolution. And all it takes to get it going is attach it to the back of your device with magnets (Duo provide the magnets for two laptops) and plug in the USB connection.

Duo Portable Dual-Screen Monitor

Once Duo is attached, all you do is slide it from the back to extend your primary monitor. You can angle the monitor for better viewing and even flip it all the way back so you can share the image with someone sitting behind your laptop.

Jack Yao, the manufacturing engineer who came up with the idea, explained how the inception of Duo came out of necessity to be more productive.

On the company’s official blog, Yao writes, “Multiple screens give you the flexibility to work on various applications at once without having to switch tabs on the same screen. While working at Amazon for summer, I did not have access to a secondary monitor due to space constraints in a co-working environment. I constantly felt frustrated by the lack of a secondary monitor that could help me work more efficiently.”

Here are four GIFs which show how you can get Duo up and running on your laptop.

Check Out the Duo Portable Dual-Screen Monitor

Check Out the Duo Portable Dual-Screen Monitor

Check Out the Duo Portable Dual-Screen Monitor

Check Out the Duo Portable Dual-Screen Monitor

Increased Productivity

According to Mobile Pixels, you lose 10 seconds every five minutes when you toggle between tabs. This comes to two minutes every hour and can add up to 80 minutes in a 40 hour week.

This has led many businesses to add secondary (and more) monitors on their desktop computers in their office. And it only makes sense to make the same investment on laptops to get the same productivity results.

There are portable screens in the marketplace designed to provide the same function as Duo, but they are often big and not as portable as they claim to be.

Getting the Duo

You can get Duo on Kickstarter with a pledge of $179 and a delivery date of January 2019. This is a 20% discount off the retail price when it becomes available in the marketplace. There are additional offers for backers who want to pledge more including a distributor pack to receive 10 Duo screens for $1,549.

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