Small Businesses Streamline Recruiting with New Google Hire

Google Hire AI Update Announced

When Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) launched Hire almost a year ago, the company wanted to simplify the hiring process. And now it has improved the platform by making it smarter and faster to recruit your next hire.

The new Hire has integrated Google AI to deliver one-click functionalities to hire help for time-consuming tasks and repetitive chores. The company says this will give hiring teams more time to interact and connect with potential candidates instead of wasting time with logistics.

When Hire was launched, it gave small businesses already using Gmail, Google Calendar and other G Suite apps an integrated tool for hiring. With Hire, business owners doing their own hiring or HR departments could now improve their workflow without having to switch back and forth between apps.

Using technology more effectively is key to making this possible. As Berit Hoffmann, Senior Product Manager for Hire, writes on the official Google blog The Keyword, “There’s a huge opportunity for technology — and AI specifically — to help people work faster and therefore focus on uniquely human activities. Ultimately, that’s what Hire is all about, and the functionality we’re adding today demonstrates our commitment to help companies focus on people and build their best teams.”

What is Google Hire?

Google Hire is an integrated hiring solution which brings together the different G Suite applications. It allows users to carry out the functions needed to communicate with a candidate as well as tasks such as reviewing applications or scheduling interviews in a single platform.

According to Hoffman, when Google measured the user activity of Hire, it found it had reduced the time spent completing common recruiting tasks by up to 84%. The new Hire does even more, the company says.

New Google Hire AI Features

Hire now has integrated Google AI to reduce interview scheduling to a few clicks, thus streamlining a process which in the past took too many steps. And if a candidate cancels at the last minute, this new feature alerts you and recommends a replacement candidate while at the same time simplifying the invitation process.

Google Hire AI Update Announced

Another AI capability is to analyze job description and to auto-highlight terms in resumes along with synonyms and acronyms. This means less time reviewing resumes over and over or using functions on a computer repeatedly to perform the task.

Google Hire AI Update Announced

When the right candidate stands out, the new click-to-call feature automatically logs the calls you make to them. This lets other members of your team know you have talked to the candidate so you can avoid calling the same person again.

G Suite and Hire

Google has made Hire available for its 3+ million G Suite business customers so they can have a streamlined hiring process. With so many job listing sites and hiring platforms available in the marketplace, the solution the company offers is a useful tool for businesses, especially small companies.

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