What is Hive and How Can it Help Your Small Business?

What is the Hive Productivity Platform and How Can it Help Your Small Business?

Hive is a productivity platform designed to help small businesses work at their best. This powerful and intuitive project management software allows small businesses to streamline their work, track time with greater efficiency and leverage data to help identify inefficiencies.

Similar to Slack, Asana, TopTracker and the host of productivity tools available for small businesses, Hive is a valuable communication tool giving teams greater control over projects and tasks.

If you run a small business and are looking for a management tool to give your business’s productivity a boost, take a look at what exactly Hive is and how it can help your small business.

Hive Productivity Platform Features

This intuitive productivity platform comes with a myriad of features to supercharge the productivity of your small business.

The tool is designed to help your team plan projects with greater proficiency with:

  • Flexible Projects where you can organize tasks in a gantt chart, Kanban board, or calendar,
  • Multiple Views where you can access projects by status, team members, or assigned labels,
  • Action Templates where you can plan and repeat tasks easily.

Hive helps you manage projects and tasks more efficiently with the following features:

  • Action Cards allow you to access the information needed to complete a task with ease,
  • Action List allows you to create personal to-do lists and see what you need to complete daily,
  • Hive Forms enable you to collect the important information required on each project.

Hive makes communication between team members easier and quicker with these features:

  • Chat allows you to have conversations with individuals or groups,
  • File Sharing means you can streamline your work by connecting your Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or Box account directly to Hive,
  • External Users enables you to invite partners outside your business such as contractors or clients to collaborate on a single project.

This comprehensive productivity platform also allows you to monitor data, so you can make valuable changes and predictions related to tasks and productivity with the following features:

  • Hive Analytics is an interaction dashboard providing actionable insights to productivity,
  • Predictive Alerts are real-time notifications about anomalies in your team’s productivity,
  • Time Tracking means you can record and estimate time spent on individual tasks and projects in Hive.

Hive Apps

Hive’s features can be accessed and utilized by downloading Hive apps onto Mac or Windows desktop PCs, or onto iOS or Android mobile devices.

In addition to being able to integrate Hive with other tools such as Zoom, Slack and One Drive, you can also import tasks from previous tools — such as Basecamp, Asana, Trello and more — onto Hive.

Hive Packages and Costs

Hive offers two different packages for businesses — Professional and Enterprise. The Professional package costs $12 per user, per month and is suitable for all types of businesses.

With the Professional package you can use Hive on unlimited projects and send unlimited messages. You get access to Hive Analytics to see vital business insights and productivity trends.

The Professional package allows you to integrate with other standard platforms, including Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. You can also invite clients and contractors to collaborate on projects in your Hive workspace. Professional package users can also benefit from Hive’s Project Management Toolkit and Data Export features.

The Enterprise package comes with all the features of Hive Professional, plus enterprise-grade additions, including a dedicated account manager, rollout support, custom integrations, Hive Analytics upgrades, access to Hive API and on-premise installation.

If you’re interested in the Enterprise package, you will need to get in contact with Hive for details about pricing.

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  1. I have tried the others and Hive is new. The question is why should you use it over its competitors. What does it have that the others doesn’t?