Offers Another Team Management Software Option for Small Businesses

What is Monday Team Management Software and Can It Help Your Small Business? is a project management tool designed to help teams work better together by building a culture of transparency, managing workloads, tracking projects and communicating with ease. Formerly dapulse, was founded in 2012 and launched as an independent startup in 2014.

Online project management tools such as Microsoft Project, Smartsheet and Huddle, have long been helping small businesses complete tasks in less time and work more effectively and efficiently. But what makes any different? What are the key features of this tool designed to simplify the way teams work together and how will they help your small business?

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Monday Team Management Software Features

Track Everything from a Single Dashboard

Enhancing the simplicity of using is the project management tool’s single dashboard, where you can see, at an instance, everything your team is working on and who is working on what.

From this single, easy-to-use board you can add tasks, projects, missions and to-dos, and assign teammates to specific projects or tasks.

Keep Team Communication in One Place

Your small business can add rows, known as pulses, to your board to help keep communication between team members in one convenient place. This can reduce the need for meetings and long, difficult-to-navigate email threads. This differs to the likes of, in which users create tasks from emails.

Team members are notified of conversations and mentions via mobile or desktop in real-time. Users can also comment on and thumbs up teammates’ work.

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Use Visualization to Manage Time

A bit like Basecamp with its fun and playful imagery, is big on visualization. Though utilizes visualization in the form of clearly-defined chats accompanied by a thumbnail image of each teammate user, designed to help small businesses manage their time more proficiency and plan ahead visually.

The idea is such imagery helps you visualize what your team is working on at a single glance, so you can see, with ease, who’s busy and who isn’t busy, to ensure all deadlines and targets are met.

Keep Clients in the Loop

Similar to other project management tools such as Zoho Projects, enables you to invite clients to work as guests on projects and tasks and share updates with them. Not only does this help clients feel more involved with projects, but it also reduces the number of meetings, phone calls and lengthy email chains. It also helps achieve its aim to build a culture of transparency for businesses.

Use with No Training Required

Recognizing small businesses are busy and strapped for time, one feature of that’s certainly welcomed is the fact no training is required to use this project management system. You simply sign up and create an account for free and just gain an understanding of how it works.

Take Advantage of a Tiered Pricing Structure

Like other online project management systems, offers a tiered pricing structure, which is essentially based on the number of users and features. The cheapest ‘Basic’ plan for five users costs approximately $30 per month and includes 5GB of storage, simple search function, filter by person function, iOS and Android apps, the adding of unlimited boards, two-factor authentication and 24/7 support.

If you were using the Basic plan for 15 users, the price would jump to around $85 a month.

The ‘Pro’ plan, which is popular for small businesses, costs approximately $68 for five users per month. This plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited guests, private boards, tags, Google authentication and user profile customization. isn’t the cheapest of project management systems, particularly if you want to take advantage of all the features it offers. However, for a small business that’s pushed for time, the simplicity of and ease of use and navigation, should not be overlooked.

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  1. As long as it makes team collaboration easier, then it’s good. Remote collaboration is now becoming more common.