Fiverr Service Assists Small Businesses in Search of Freelance Product Photographers

Find a Product Photographer on Fiverr - Fiverr Introduces Product Photography Category

Selling your products online as a small business means having to take photographs of the items so you can post them. The new Fiverr still Product Photography Pro service now lets you hire the best talent from around the world so you won’t have to do it.

Find a Product Photographer on Fiverr

For freelancers who specialize in taking still product photography, it means a place on Fiverr Pro to promote their services. For small businesses who want an affordable service for getting high-quality images on their eCommerce pages or offline advertising such as flyers, it will make it much easier to find photographers with this specific talent quickly and easily.

The company said it is launching this category with the Fiverr Pro seller service by bringing in highly experienced photographers from around the world.

Yoav Hornung, Video and Animation Category Manager at Fiverr, writes on the company’s official The Do List blog, he said, “Within the Product Photography category, there are photographers who have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, Anthropologie, The Body Shop, Bentley, Jimmy Choo, Red Bull and more.”

Buyers can also use other Pros specializing in different types of photography including lifestyle, commercial still-life, 360°, white background studio setting and more.

Photography services so far fall into 10 basic categories: beauty and health, apparel, electronics, shoes, food, kid and toys, pet supplies, sports and outdoors, jewelry, and home and kitchen.

Quality Images for Your Digital Presence

Your small business probably has a website, eCommerce, and social media channels. A common issue with all of these outlets is the need for quality images — including of the products and services you offer.

If the images are of low quality, there is a great chance your customers will go elsewhere.

Certainly, you could take your own pictures with your smartphone or digital camera, and possibly improve the quality with any of a number of different free and premium desktop photo editing tools. But is this your best option?


Although taking a picture of shoes or food may seem the same, they are quite different. A professional who specializes in product photography or even a particular item is able to deliver more.

You’ve probably noticed how a professional image of food or another product looks so good they immediately grab your attention. Finding professionals who can provide this level of quality for your products is what Fiverr aims to provide with its new Product Photography Pro service.

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  1. There are some extremely talented people on Fiverr. This sounds like a great new option.