Graphic Design Secrets Revealed: Trends to Make Your Site Irresistible (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Big Trends in Graphic Design Right Now (INFOGRAPHIC)

Every business owner wants to increase website traffic and engage audiences. Graphic design helps businesses achieve both these goals.

An intuitive and user-friendly design boosts your brand’s identity and entices visitors to keep checking out your site.

But what are some of the new trends in graphic design you should know about? Logo design company Logo Orbit has come up with the top 15 trends in graphic design that will make a splash.

Let’s take a look.

Trends in Graphic Design

Multiple Color Themes

Many brands are experimenting with multiple color themes — a trend expected to gain more popularity this year.

More Social Media Images

Social media has made a huge impact on how customers connect with brands today. Social media images, in particular, are expected to make a big splash in graphic design.

Cropped Typography

For visually stunning effects, cropped typography, or the little sideshow in a graphic design can be the perfect tool.

3D Still Life

Still life has made 3D a more interesting and in-depth concept.

Single Color 3D Elements

Want to make an object stand out from the rest? Try single color 3D, which helps avoid the distraction of contrasting background colors.

Responsive Logos

With mobile becoming the most popular medium for accessing websites, responsive logos are gaining more attention.

Fonts in Handwritten Styles

Fonts in handwritten styles are coming back in style. Not only do they look quirky, they also make the text easy to read.

Two-Toned Images

Many designers are combining halftone printing with a contrasting hue for a greater visual impact.

Retro Color Palettes

Stand out from the crowd with retro hues and combinations that are making a comeback of sorts.


GIFs and animation are some of the quirky trends that are becoming popular in graphic design.

Huge Typefaces

Go bold with big typefaces and draw attention to your headlines.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics are helping businesses look unique and differentiated from competition.

Real Life Photos

Candid shots are appealing because they look more authentic and less glitzy.

Classic Design Styles

With contemporary designs done to death, classic design styles are making a strong comeback.

Atypical Colors

To break the monotony, many designers are experimenting with atypical colors.

To learn more about emerging graphic design trends, check out the infographic below.

The Big Trends in Graphic Design Right Now (INFOGRAPHIC)

Image: LogoOrbit


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