10 Expert Tips for Putting Together Your Own Digital Marketing Puzzle

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Building your marketing plan is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. One piece might be video marketing. Another might be email marketing. And there might also be some related to social media and content creation. To help you put together those pieces in a way that makes sense, check out this week’s top marketing tips from members of the online small business community.

Create Great Marketing Videos

With more and more brands catching onto the power of video marketing, it’s more important than ever for you to create videos that actually stand out and get results. In this post on the GetResponse blog, Victor Blasco offers some tips for stepping up your video marketing game.

Check Out These Top Referral Traffic Sources

As you’re looking to build traffic to your website, there are plenty of different sources of referral traffic you could use to grow your own website. In this Guest Crew post by Praveen Verma, you can see what more than 90 bloggers and marketers do to build their own referral traffic. Then check out what BizSugar members had to say here.

Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes

With so many digital marketing tips and tactics out there, it’s natural for business owners to make mistakes at some point. But if you can learn from the mistakes of others, you can potentially avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Check out this Social Media HQ post for more.

Write Marketing Emails That Don’t Get Marked as Spam

Email can be a wonderful way for you to connect with customers. However, if your content just gets sent to their spam folders. It’s not going to be able to make the impact you’d like. In this Quick Sprout post, Neil Patel provides some tips for ensuring that your marketing emails actually get seen.

Create a Killer Landing Page That’s Perfect for Mobile

Landing pages give you a way to control the experience when customers visit your website. But with the importance of mobile technology in today’s world, it’s essential that you create landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices. Learn how in this Bright Local post by Lee Dobson.

Grow Your Email List with Instagram

As you work to grow your customer base, social media can be a valuable tool. You can start on platforms like Instagram and eventually work toward getting those customers onto your email list. In this AMA Consulting Services blog post, Andrew Adderley lists some basic steps you can take to grow your email list using Instagram.

Use Research Based Actions to Improve Your Content Marketing

As you look to improve your marketing plan over the years, it helps to have solid research on your side so you can make changes that are actually going to resonate with your customers. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Lisa Murton Beets details some of the research based actions you can use to improve your content marketing strategy.

Learn Social Media from the Experts

If you’re looking to increase your impact on social media, it can help to get some input from experts in your field. Especially if you’re involved with public speaking, you might find this post by Sarah Jo Crawford on the Social Media Hat useful. You can also see what BizSugar members had to say about the post here.

Be Authentic in Your Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t just about posting marketing messages. It’s also about creating real and authentic conversations with customers and members of your community. In this post on Susan Solovic’s blog, Lindsay Dicks explains the importance of authenticity and how it relates to social media.

Find Influencers Who Fit Your Brand

Influencer marketing is becoming an important part of many small businesses’ marketing plans. But it’s not going to be effective if you work with the wrong influencers. Check out this Crowdspring post by Amanda Bowman to learn how to find influencers that actually fit with your brand.

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