Looking for Spanish Language Learning Software for Small Business? See These Options

What is the Best Spanish Language Learning Software for Small Business Owners?

Spanish is the most popular non-English language spoken in the U.S. So for small businesses, there’s a good chance that some of your customers, clients, partners, or investors might speak Spanish. And if you do any business internationally, those chances increase significantly.

For that reason, it can be incredibly beneficial for small business owners to learn at least the basics of Spanish, if not become proficient or fluent. Luckily, there are plenty of software options available to help you learn.

Best Spanish Language Learning Software

Here are some of the top choices available.

Rosetta Stone Spanish

One of the biggest names in language learning software, Rosetta Stone offers a Spanish program that includes a fully immersive and sequenced curriculum. It also integrates speech recognition software to help you get the actual pronunciation and accent down. Prices range from $7 to $19 per month, depending on the length of your subscription.


A video based software, FluentU lets you access everything from Spanish music videos and movie trailers to business videos. The content also features interactive captions so you can click to see the meaning of any words you don’t know. There’s a free trial available with base pricing starting at $10 per month after that.

Rocket Spanish

Rocket Languages offers a spanish software program that includes audio lessons, pronunciation practice, flash cards, and even culture lessons that could be helpful for business travelers. There’s also a mobile app so you can check in on your lessons while you’re traveling or on the go. Pricing starts at $100 with a promotion applied.

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Duolingo is a free app that offers lessons and practices for those looking to learn a new language. Spanish is one of the languages that’s included. So if you’re looking to gain a basic understanding and not pay a ton for language lessons, this program can help.

Instant Immersion Spanish

Instant Immersion offers PC and Mac software for learning Spanish at any level. You can choose a specific dialect and even purchase supplementary audio content or workbooks to complement the main courses. Lessons are relatively affordable, starting at around $30.


Pimsleur’s Spanish software includes curriculum designed to take you from the beginner level to fluency. The complete course includes 80 hours of curriculum. And you can also purchase an unlimited version that includes portable audio lessons and an interactive platform. The full course runs for $575, with individual lessons priced at $150.

Living Language Spanish

The Spanish courses from Living Language include interactive flash cards, engaging audio, grammar tips, and even notes about culture. There’s a flexible subscription model, so the cost depends on how much time you want to spend learning Spanish. There’s also a trial period available.

Fluenz Spanish

Fluenz focuses on creating an immersive experience in its Spanish courses. This means that programs are tailored to native English speakers and made to lead them toward fluency through both lessons and real interactions with fluent speakers. Prices start at $177.


Ouino prides itself on offering a Spanish learning software that has a user-friendly interface and dives deeper than the basics. It includes a pronunciation guide, progress tracker, and multi-level learning exercises for a base price of $97. There are also some supplementary lessons you can purchase to dive even deeper.

Michel Thomas Method Spanish

The Michel Thomas Method offers Spanish language programs designed to help you go from total beginner to completely fluent. It includes audio lessons and a virtual classroom designed to help you learn in an intuitive and stress-free way. You can purchase individual courses from Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes and Noble, with most running for about $13.

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