New Dell Workstation Addresses Small Business Need for Increased Computing Capabilities

New Entry-Level Dell Precision Workstations Now Available

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As more small businesses demand increased computing capability, manufacturers are making workstation computers available at more affordable prices. The new entry-level Dell Precision models — including what Dell (NYSE: DVMT) is calling the world’s most powerful 1U rack workstation — are the latest examples.

These new workstations have a small footprint, deliver powerful performance, and are competitively priced. And this has workstations available to a whole new customer base of individuals and small businesses who need increased computing capability.

Rahul Tikoo, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Precision, says in a recent press release, power has become a standard in the next generation small footprint workstations. Tikoo explains, “Dell is leading the way in this evolution with these new entry-level workstations designed to deliver the ultimate in performance with a substantially smaller footprint.”

This very point was also addressed by Jennifer Huffstetler, Vice President and General Manager of Datacenter Product Marketing at Intel Corporation. She added, “The combination of the Dell Precision 3930 Rack with the Intel Xeon E processor is bringing new levels of performance in a small form factor to data- and graphics-intensive fields.”

The New Entry-Level Dell Precision  Workstations

Dell Precision 3430 SFF Tower

The 3430 Tower is the smaller of the two towers, with Dell saying it is 40% smaller than the competition. Even though it is small, it comes with the 8th Generation Intel Core (i3, i5, i7,) and Xeon processors along with up to 64GB of RAM.

New Entry-Level Dell Precision Workstations Now Available

The internal storage can go as high as 6TB and it supports graphics solutions from NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Radeon RX Pro.

The 3630 Tower

The 3630 Tower is slightly bigger than the 3430 and this allows the unit more expansion possibilities. While it has the same configurations all around including CPU and RAM, you can get up to 16TB of storage.

New Entry-Level Dell Precision Workstations Now Available

And when it comes to the graphics cards, the 3630 allows for dual card configurations for the AMD Radeon Pro, Radeon RX and NVIDIA Quadro cards.

The 3930 Rack

The Dell 3930 Rack is according to the company the most powerful 1U rack workstation in the world. With this system in place, small businesses and their employees can access resources on-premises or remotely with greater reliability and performance.


New Entry-Level Dell Precision Workstations Now Available

The 3930 has some impressive specs, starting with 8th Gen Intel Core processors in i3, i5, and i7 along with the Xeon processors from the E-2100 line. Storage can go up to 24TB with SAS, SATA, and PCIe interfaces.

When it comes to system memory it can go as high as 64GB at 2666MHz DDR4 Non-ECC, and up to 24GB GDDR5X memory for the NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs.

Price and Availability

You can get the 3430 and 3630 towers now starting at $649. As for the 3930 Rack, you will have to wait until July 26th to get it, and it will start at $899.

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