FreshBooks Adds New Team Tracking Features

freshbooks features for teams

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Teams can now work from anywhere and tools which simplify the collaborative process are becoming an important asset for businesses. FreshBooks just announced a new team tracking feature to simplify how they can collaborate.

FreshBooks Features for Teams

With this new feature, businesses can bring teams into the FreshBooks platform and use all of the other tools without jumping between apps. This allows everyone to stay on the same page and get the job done faster.

For small businesses who now use freelancers from different locations, it means they can use FreshBooks to add team members. Once they are part of the team, administrators can track time, log expenses, collaborate on projects and even arrange for payments.

On the blog announcing the new team tracking feature, the company explained what businesses can expect. FreshBooks said, “When everyone’s working from FreshBooks, you’ll be able to get a clear idea of how projects are tracking and how your team spends their day.”

Tracking Your Team

FreshBooks has been used by more than 10 million people and processed over $60 billion in invoices, and small businesses make up a large percentage of these users.

For a business owner, the 192 hours FreshBooks saves them every year by more effectively tracking their payments is one of the best features. With team tracking, they will be able to save even more time.

According to FreshBooks, businesses will have increased visibility on all their projects because they will know how team members are spending their day. This means spending less time managing projects directly, and more time on tasks that are more important which require your full attention.

New FreshBooks Features for Teams Simplifies Collaboration

Teams in FreshBooks

Once you have the different members of your team in FreshBooks, you can track their time and ensure billable hours are registered. You can also organize all of the expenses each team member has logged in and of course manage the project. As an administrator, you can assign roles to each member and grant access to specific team members.

You can manage projects within FreshBooks by sharing files, billings, making changes and communicate more efficiently without long email chains and different apps. You will be able to carry out all of these tasks in one place, which will save you even more time.

New FreshBooks Features for Teams Simplifies Collaboration

A Single Solution

While there is no one solution which does everything, as a small business you should try to limit the number of tools you use for the daily operation of your company. The more tools you have, the more time you will spend using, managing, and updating them.

The new team tracking features in FreshBooks just removed one more pain point in the collaboration/payment/tracking process.

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  1. Freshbooks is one of the best billing and accountancy software available on the internet. I really like its features and they constantly working on providing some extra features to their customers. This is also a great addition to it. Thanks for sharing the news.

  2. I think having a team feature allows you to manage your finances even with a team member that you trust.