Yelp and Gather Partner to Help Restaurants Book Events Easier

Gather Booking Network Aims to Help Restaurants Book Events Easier

Leading event management software Gather has officially launched its co-partnered program with Yelp, the Gather Booking Network.

Gather Booking Network

Gather and Yelp’s Booking Network is aimed at addressing issues in the restaurant and events industries by helping restauranteurs and other venue owners connect with event planners and people booking parties and other events.

Until the launch of the Gather Booking Network, there has been no single place to head to in order to search for people booking events, such as corporate dinners, birthday parties and weddings.

If you run a small restaurant business, the Gather Booking Network could help put you in touch with the 15 million people looking to plan events in the U.S. every year. Prior to the arrival of the Gather Booking Network, restaurants would have to rely on old-fashioned methods to getting events booked and managed at their premises, such as phone calls, emails and spreadsheets.

The Gather Booking Network modernizes the event booking process, making it more efficient, quicker and less prone to errors. Consequently, restaurants and small business owners with premises to accommodate events will be able to grow their events’ side of the business by connecting with event planners seamlessly on the Gather and Yelp platform.

Nick Miller, co-founder and CEO of Gather, spoke of how the new booking network will simplify the event booking process.

“Surprisingly, most events today are planned with phone calls, Excel grids and handwritten notes. It can be a frustrating and inefficient process for everyone: restaurants, event planners and consumers.

“With the launch of our Yelp partnership, we’re bringing event management up to par with other industries, making it simple and intuitive to book, plan and execute great events,” Miller commented in a press statement.

The Gather Booking Network provides comprehensive features designed to streamline the various aspect of event management. This all-in-one platform includes a calendar, where you can track past, present and future bookings, auto-generated documents, which instantly update contracts, BEOs and more, daily email digests, so you can plan for events in the days and weeks ahead, and team communication., where members of staff can directly communicate and coordinate on things like events, accounts and leads.

By spending less time managing events, your restaurant can spend more time increasing event sales and thereby growing your business and becoming more profitable.

Restaurants can streamline event management processes at their venue by signing up to the Booking Network on the Gather website.

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  1. Events is another area where restaurants can make a ton of money so it is great to have all the choices in one app or location.

  2. Interesting way for Yelp to start tapping into some new revenue streams.