Can Listables Help You Get More Done?

Can the Listables App Help You Get More Done?

If you want all the pieces of your business to work efficiently, you need processes. These processes don’t need to be complicated. In fact, a simple checklist can often work wonders to help you ensure that your whole team is following the specific steps you’ve laid out for a particular task or function.

That’s the very simple but essential problem that Listables aims to solve for small business. The company offers a collaborative checklist platform that you can use to create your own lists and even learn from those that others have created.

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Introducing the Listables App

Founder and CEO Vivek Chugh said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “It lets small businesses or their team members create, share and track checklists. So it’s not just about making your own personal lists. But you can also use it to help with onboarding, as a way to show new employees how to handle a specific task. Or you can learn from what others on the platform have created.”

Chugh got the idea for the platform when he was working for a gaming company. And as the team would work on deploying new software, he saw the need for a specific set of best practices and a system for tracking and auditing which essential tasks had been completed.

He says, “Sometimes there would be a specific group who had great checklists, and I thought there should be a system where we all could share our best practices with one another. When I started looking at different options in the market, I realized that there was something to this idea and I decided to pursue it.”

The idea of using checklists to manage daily tasks or training activities isn’t a new one. But Chugh adds that Listables is meant to be easier to use than putting together a Google spreadsheet or creating a list manually, especially if it’s for something that requires collaboration between team members.

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In addition, Listables doesn’t only give you the opportunity to share lists within your own company. You can also learn from others who have chosen to share their tips on a particular subject. So if you’re interested in learning how to start a PPC ad campaign, for instance, you can search the platform to see lists that have already been created on that subject.

You can also create your own lists and use it to train new employees or keep a particular project on track.

Chugh says, “This methodology allows you to reduce errors, fix issues and create standard processes. It can be especially helpful for any kind of repetitive daily task that a small business needs done, like opening stores or closing stores. Those things are pretty standard, but you still don’t want to see mistakes or seemingly small things overlooked.”

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play as a free download. And there’s also a web version available. To use it, you simply download one of the apps or sign up online and then you can start with a new checklist or browse topics to find best practices from other members. Chugh also says that the company is working on creating some new features and functionality for the platform going forward.

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  1. For me, having a list keeps me on track. I always make it a point to list my to-dos everyday so that I have a mind structure of what I need to do.

  2. I wonder how this fares with other list apps out there. There are a ton of them along with note taking apps that you can use.

  3. Lists are great. I love having them in my Evernote app though. I wonder how this is any different.