Looking for Tips and Resources for Small Business Success? 10 Experts Share it All

Looking for Tips and Resources for Small Business Success? 10 Experts Share it All

Business owners need to constantly learn in order to be successful. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur, resources like business experts, books, tools and exercises can help you shape your strategies and cultivate sustained success. Here are some suggestions from members of the online small business community for resources and tips that can help you build a successful business and life.

Get Inspired by These Small Business Blogs

If you’re going to run a successful small business, it helps to get input from those who have already made it. There are tons of online resources out there that can offer guidance and helpful tips. Check out this list from Micheal Brennan and the Design Wizard team for some of the top blogs you can glean inspiration from. Small Business Trends is honored to be included.

Dominate Your Industry with These Sales Books

There are tons of amazing sales professionals out there. And many have even published their expertise in sales books. To make the most of your reading time, check out the titles featured in this Process Street post by Adam Henshall.

Improve Your Life as a Small Business Owner

Being a successful small business owner isn’t just about putting up great sales numbers. It’s also about contributing to the lifestyle you want. If you’re looking to improve your life as a small business owner, check out this post by Gary Shouldis of 3Bug Media.

Get the Biggest ROI from Your Hard Work

Running a business requires a lot of hard work. So the last thing you want is for any of that effort to not bring about results. Instead, learn from the tips in this blog post by Dan Swords. Then check out BizSugar for more commentary from members of the community.

Carefully Consider What You Want from Life

In order to build a business that allows you to have the life you want, you need to first figure out what exactly it is you’re looking for. In this post on The Franchise King blog, Joel Libava shares a quick exercise you can use to find out what you want from life.

Choose the Best State to Start a Business

If you have yet to actually start a business, you might be considering where to actually set up shop. Different states have different pros and cons when it comes to operating a business. So check out this CorpNet post by Rieva Lesonsky to learn more about what state you should choose for your own business.

Learn to Build Trust with Tips from These Experts

If you want your marketing messages to be effective, you need some kind of trust between you and your audience. That trust can be hard to come by. So you can learn from marketing experts about how to fix that issue in this TopRank Marketing post by Lee Odden.

Consider These Emerging Content Marketing Trends

Especially when it comes to digital marketing, trends can serve as a sort of guiding force to help you reach customers where they’re most likely to spend time. You can see some current trends that are relevant in the world of content marketing in this post on Jeff Bullas’s blog by Ankush Mahajan. Then see what BizSugar members are saying here.

Check Out Google’s New Search Quality Rating Guidelines

In some cases, the tools and information you need to run your business successfully should come directly from the tools you use. For example, if you’re working on SEO, it helps to follow guidelines from Google. In this Search Engine Land post, Chris Sherman goes into more detail about the company’s new search quality rating guidelines.

Keep Your Best Employees Around

The team that you choose to surround yourself with can also make a major impact on the success of your business. So when you find quality people, you need to be able to keep them around. Ivan Widjaya offers some tips for doing just that in this post on the Biz Penguin blog.

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