Spotlight: Overtok Communication Platform Multiplies Your Customer Service Channels

Spotlight: Overtok Communication Platform Simplifies Customer Communication for SMBs

For small businesses, staying constantly connected with customers requires offering multiple customer service channels. Some customers prefer to voice chat. Other’s prefer video. But no matter the format, it’s important for businesses to make that communication as seamless as possible. That’s what Overtok aims to deliver.

The company offers multiple communication options that work directly within a company’s site or app. Learn more about the business behind this offering in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Overtok Communication Platform Does

Offers a communication platform for businesses and their customers.

Co-founder and CMO Guy Naor told Small Business Trends, “Made for small and medium businesses, Overtok provides a multi channel interaction platform that connects online customers with businesses via real-time chat, video calls and voice calls. Interactions take place on-site … and new touch-point spots are available to drive customized offers and call for action tools.” Naor says his company’s market is digital agencies, site builders and online directory publishers providing services to small and medium sized businesses.

Business Niche

Providing an all-encompassing experience, complete with insights.

Naor says the company is known for its technology built to keep interactions on-site or on-app instead of requiring customers to make a phone call outside the system. This provides businesses with a better opportunity to analyze calls and web data and come up with new valuable business insights.

Small Business Deals

How the Business Got Started

After noticing some outdated trends.

Founders Guy Naor and Barak Geller started the business after gaining years of experience in the local search and call tracking industries.

Naor adds they found the process of making a ‘click to call’ on websites and apps outdated — especially when users move out to a phone dialer and abandon the digital asset. It was clear to them that if they could keep callers inside the digital asset, they provide more data and insights for the businesses they serve

Biggest Win

Creating an easy registration process.

Naor says, “We felt that there were always little barriers for new users to complete 100% of the process to use our different services. The ideal for us was a quick lane of registration with zero barriers to start onboarding. We succeeded to create slim lanes and easy-to-use tools for the businesses while the user experience was just the same.” When large companies found it was easy to integrate with Overtok’s systems, they were open to working with the company too, Naor explained.

Lesson Learned

Timing to market is the name of the game.

Naor explains, “[If we could do it over again] I guess we would start with a slimmer product to make first interest with customers and grow together with clients request if they fit the road-map.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Adding to its product line.

Naor says his company would use the money to build an automated platform to better engage with new and existing customers on a more regular basis.

Spotlight: Overtok Communication Platform Simplifies Customer Communication for SMBs

Favorite Quote

“If you build it, they will come” (Field of dreams)

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