Worried about Losing Your Best Talent? Here are 11 Top Reasons Why Employees Stay

Top 11 Reasons Employees Stay

Retaining top talent and unicorn employees is key to long-term productivity and team-effectiveness.

Reasons Employees Stay

So knowing what makes people happy at work is important.
Top 11 Reasons Employees Stay

Benefits and Incentives

Some of the most effective benefits and incentives are greater working independence, development opportunities, healthcare, commuting assistance, and performance bonuses.

Satisfaction with the Environment

A clean and organized workplace with a lively atmosphere, ample space, and sufficient facilities is crucial to maintain employee morale.

People are also accounted for in the environment. Opportunity to socialize and collaborate is a big part of workplace synergy.

Financial Compensation

Payment for work rendered, with bonuses and incentives to supplement it, provides stability.

Being open to the possibility of pay raises in the future with long-term tenure and continued good performance is also a motivating factor.

Inspiration for Working Smarter

Encourage smart work instead of busy work. This is more productive and rewarding.

This approach needs to be alive in managers who supervise without micromanaging.

Great Relationships with Leadership

Those who strive to prove themselves every single day should be commended for their work ethic.

Those who may be falling behind should be consoled and sympathized with, which can be motivation to perform better

Connecting with employees and forming relationships is a factor in a harmonious workplace.

Challenge and Excitement

People want to be engaged with challenging work that piques their interest and makes the most of their technical and interpersonal skills.

Being able to complete projects with a dynamic and well-balanced team is motivating.


Learning from more experienced members of the company can make things easier for new and less experienced employees.

Mentorship is conducive to learning on the job with a more hands-on approach.


It goes without saying. Everyone likes to be respected and recognized for their contributions.

Career Development

Most employees don’t want to be stuck in dead-end jobs with no prospects for advancement and doing the same thing for years.

Being engaged includes new challenges to overcome and new skills to learn in order to develop as employees and people.

Work-Life Balance

Too much overtime dampens productivity. A fair amount of sick leave and vacation time is motivation to take ample rest and recovery time.

This insures that employees go back to work with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement to perform.

Participating in Something Special

A company can retain employees when the culture is harmonious, the work is engaging, and everyone gets along.

Further, a company with a mission statement supports a workforce energized to fulfill it.

Possibly above all, people are motivated to be part of something that’s not only about making a profit, but also about providing a quality service or game-changing solution to the world.

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  1. For me, I usually stayed at my jobs when I felt I was progressing. That meant learning new things, having new opportunities open up, etc.

  2. Aira Bongco

    This goes to show that people value different things. It is not just about the money.

  3. As for me, it will always be the working environment. If it is peaceful and I am able to focus on my work, I am more likely to stay.

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