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  1. Thanks for explaining each. It may be hard to understand all of these but it you told us the difference quite well.

  2. Keith Gormezano

    Thanks for explaining our choices.

    Regardless of which phone system you choose, you may want to make sure that any new phones have some way to amplify the volume in case you end up hiring a hard of hearing person in your office, a visitor, or client, a new office building is being constructed new door, air conditioning goes out and you have to leave the doors and windows open, or some folks talk loudly near your office.

    As a hard of hearing person, I frequently can’t use my QuickBooks clients phones in “always sunny” Seattle to call Intuit diamond or advanced support in “always sunny” Seattle and have to use their chat feature to solve a problem but that takes more time.

  3. This is really right for the budget article. Thanks for giving suggestions.

  4. Kairi Gainsborough

    Thanks for talking about the different phone options you have when you set up a business phone line. I agree that there aren’t many cases where a single landline is the best option. PBX sounds like it would be great for a new business, once you start picking up steam and need to be able to take multiple calls at a time.