The Perfected Keyboard May Be … Er, Perfect for Your Small Business

What Makes This the Perfected Keyboard?

Truly Ergonomic has launched an Indiegogo campaign for The Perfected Keyboard. And the company claims it is the most comfortable you will ever use. So if you spend much time on your computer for your small business, it might be worth a look.

The campaign on Indiegogo just started, and so far has met 4% of its $20,000 goal with a month to go. Early bird supporters can get The Perfect Keyboard for $99, which is 50% off retail, with delivery date slated for October 2018.

A market clearly exists for truly ergonomic and efficient keyboards. Whether it is to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or be more productive, companies of all sizes, as well as individual consumers, are always looking for quality peripherals.

What Makes This Keyboard Perfect?

The secret to the keyboard is it’s unique design, the company says. This starts with Truly Ergonomic’s bespoke infrared mechanical switches. The switches emit and sense infrared light which, along with springs in the keys, make it more responsive than other keyboards.

What Makes This the Perfected Keyboard?

The company says the use of infrared light, “Completely prevents and avoids wear of metal contacts, oxidization, corrosion, rust issues, debouncing glitches, performance degradation, duplicate key presses, key chattering, double letters, and missing letters — problems that plague all other Mechanical switches.”

This, according to the company, will provide a better feel and greater tactility when you are typing.

Using this technology also prolongs the life of the keyboard. The company guarantees 100 million keystrokes, with double the life of mechanical switches and 20 times the durability of conventional keyboards with rubber domes.

The keyboard is made from aerospace aluminum and boasts a slim profile without any visible screws and a cable routing system for the back and sides.

What Makes This the Perfected Keyboard?

Additional Features of The Perfected Keyboard

The Perfected Keyboard has an advanced nano-coating shield, making it water, dust and snack resistant.

When it comes to the switches, you have different options. You can choose Tactile and Clicky for a soft-click sound, Tactile and Silent if you like silent keypress, and Linear and Silent for Gaming.

Each key can also be replaced and swapped easily to create a truly custom keyboard with bright white LED and a backlight delivering 10 brightness levels.

What Makes This the Perfected Keyboard?

The keyboard also has dual programmable space bar, extra wide Ctrl and Alt keys, dedicated Cut, Copy, and Paste keys, multiple media keys and minimized Windows and Menu keys.

Ergonomics and Productivity

Many small business owners and their employees spend most of the day on the computer, not to mention additional time at home.

This has resulted in issues like Repetitive Strain Injury, which is responsible for making employees, and by extension the companies they work for, less productive.

With ergonomic peripherals such as The Perfect Keyboard, exercise and awareness, businesses and their employees can avoid injuries and be more productive.

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