New Verizon Work Mobile App Aims to Keep Your Team Connected

New Verizon Connect Work Mobile App Designed to Keep Your Team Together

Staying connected is critically important for any business operating in today’s mobile environment. The new Verizon Connect Work Mobile app allows field service workers to stay connected even when they are offline.

Verizon Connect Work Mobile App

According to Verizon (NYSE: VZ), the app will let workers in the field share notes, photos and signatures as well as continue to receive details about their job even if they are offline.

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For small businesses such as electricians, plumbers, contractors and delivery services, it means never losing touch with their workers. With the Work Mobile app, workers can get signatures, new work orders, updates and more in near real-time.

In the press release, Erin Cave, vice president of product management at Verizon Connect, said the app will let businesses be more efficient by staying connected with their mobile workers. She added, “The Work Mobile app helps make it easy to access and communicate job information to any smartphone without the need for paperwork or phone calls.”

Work Mobile Features

The Work Mobile app makes it possible for users to access the information they need faster. The app has improved the way maps and jobs lists with assignments are delivered to workers. This includes uploading multiple images with thumbnail and gallery view.

For workers in the field, they can now get instant updates through SMS, email, and push notifications. They will be able to view job details, contact information, and special instructions right away and continue to work without being disrupted.

Small Business Deals

Workers can also capture images of job sites for proof of service, get signatures from customers, track job performance, clock in and clock out, send invoice, track payments and more.

Improve Visibility and Communication

One of the challenges when it comes to managing workers in the field is being able to communicate with them at all times and have full visibility of their actions.

Using a smartphone and the Work Mobile app, workers in the field will stay connected with the back office. This will allow administrators to better manage the workload because they can see and stay in touch with everyone in the field.

The Work Mobile app is now available to active Verizon Connect Work subscribers on Android and iOS platforms.

Image: Verizon

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  1. This comes in handy in this interconnected world. It helps people to work even if they are on the go.