Visme Emerges from Beta Ready to Help Small Businesses Crush It with Visual Content

Visme Is Out of Beta and Ready for Your Small Business

Visme just came out of beta after years of testing in real-world scenarios with 1.3 million users. These include users in over 100 countries, Fortune 500 companies, many different organizations and individual users. But what is Visme and how does it help your small business?

So what is Visme?

Visme is a browser-based application simplifying the creation process for presentations, infographics, animation, web banners and more. Visme is a complete visual communication tool which allows you to create everything from print flyers all the way down to scatter plots and graphs.

With a free Basic, $12  Standard and $20 Complete versions, Visme offers an affordable solution for businesses of any size.

This is important as visual communication has become essential for a digital presence. Being able to quickly create and post content online allows you to interact and engage with your audience. Unlike PowerPoint or Photoshop, which are more expensive and have a high learning curve, Visme looks to do away with the complexity associated with content creation.

For small businesses, Visme delivers a low learning curve, affordability and a proven platform which has been tested for years.

What Startups Can Learn From Visme’s Extended Beta Period

With 1.3 million users, including companies and organizations such as IBM, Sony, WorkDay, NASA, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and others, Visme was already profitable. However, the company still remained in beta to perfect its product before it launched it for general availability.

On the official Visme blog, founder Payman Taei explains his company is “On a relentless pursuit to empower people to communicate with one common language: visual content.”

This relentless pursuit was to deliver a content creation platform which was easy to use and flexible with a great user experience. And this, according to Taei, was not easy.

As a matter of fact, he readily admits “… we got it wrong many times — by a lot!” But the end result is a solution customers can use without the glitches commonly associated with products launched much too soon.

If you believe in your product, take your time as Taei and his company Visme have done to get it right. This will ensure the long-term success of your business and the continued trust of your customers.


Visme has a built-in library with fully customizable graphics assets you can add for interactivity in videos, audio, animations, links and pop-ups. These assets include vector icons, high-quality images, data widgets, dynamic charts and maps

The platform also has collaboration tools allowing teams to come together and share these libraries to create interactive infographics, visual reports, social media content and printables. Once the content has been created, you can get detailed analytics to analyze traffic and track engagement down to the slide level.

You can get Visme here.

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  1. Happy to say that I am one of the first users of Visme. I loved it ever since. Kudos to them.