5 Simple Ways You Can Market Yourself as a Freelancer

The Best Ways a Freelancer Can Market Themselves to Get More Clients

One of the challenges of being a freelancer is making sure you have a steady stream of revenue. And in order to make this possible, you have to market yourself effectively to the customers you are trying to serve.

A new infographic by Fiverr titled, “Embrace the Power of the Internet to Get More Freelance Clients” points out five ways to do this.

As one of the leading freelancing platforms, Fiverr has been providing new tools and services so its freelancers can be more productive. These include business tools for tracking projects, a service called Elevate for running a freelance business, and even some data on what makes a great Fiverr Pro candidate.

The latest guidance from Fiverr goes into the importance of marketing and how freelancers can use the power of the internet to generate traffic and get the attention of more customers.

Ways a Freelancer Can Market Themselves

1. Fiverr starts with blogging. This is a tool both freelancers and any other small business owners with a digital presence can use to drive traffic.

Your blog will provide valuable information about you, your expertise and your business as a freelancer. By creating high-quality content on your blog, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field, build awareness of your brand and give your potential customers a valuable resource.

If the blog does well, it can be a business in itself.

2. The next suggestion is email marketing. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to increase your customer base. According to Fiverr, it can bring in $38 for every dollar spent on an email marketing campaign. But if you don’t happen to have the money, you can start with a free MailChimp account and grow from there.

The free version of MailChimp will give you up to 2,000 subscribers, and 12,000 emails, which should be enough to begin.

3. Social media is an obvious choice. With billions of people using social media every day, it is no surprise Fiverr recommends freelancers use this tool to market themselves as well.

Fiverr suggest freelancers identify the platform their potential customers use most and start engaging with them. This includes sharing content such as videos.

4. Next, Fiverr recommends answering questions on Q&A sites such as Quora. This helps to establish your authority in your field. With 200 million visitors every month, Quora alone can significantly increase traffic to your site.

5. Finally, don’t forget SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important tool in marketing your freelance business. While SEO can get a bit complicated, it is essentially a way to optimize your digital presence online. The more optimized your site is, the easier it is for search engines and users to find you.

You can take a look at the infographic below for more details on how to market yourself online as a freelancer.

The Best Ways a Freelancer Can Market Themselves to Get More Clients

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  1. I think it works if you stand out in a particular niche instead of targeting a wide array of niches all at the same time.

  2. It is not just about doing what you do best but also doing it better than the competition.

  3. The Internet is a great marketplace but it is also a place of competition so standing out will mean that you should do better.

  4. Nice Infographic. Freelancers definitely need to market themselves to get more order and clients which will increase their revenue. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

  5. Internet has its own magic wand, it goes from zero to hero and vice versa. A good suggestion for freelancer I am not doing any of the above. Will start doing it. IAM a seller at Fiverr and i am Pro Vehicle Wrap concept Designer.

    Thank you for this blog.

  6. Social media is a great way and more so linkedin for example as you can really connect with like minded people in a professional way.

  7. here i am trying to create a portfolio website. This blog is amazing. I am so grateful for sharing valuable insights for Freelancers.

  8. We now have so many opportunities to work from home and freelancing is one of them. It is all about finding that skill that you like to do.