Comcast Launches Xfinity Stream App for Business TV Customers

Comcast Launches Xfinity Stream App for Business TV Customers

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) has launched the Xfinity Stream app for business, giving its business TV subscribers the opportunity to offer customers and employees access to live streaming TV. If you run a small business which sees your customers waiting, Comcast’s new live TV streaming app could prove to be a cost-effective way to keep your customers entertained and satisfied.

Xfinity Stream App for Business

Users can access the Xfinity Stream app on tablets and smartphones or the Xfinity Stream portal on laptops. Xfinity Stream for Business allows up to five users to stream content simultaneously. With a business login, business owners have control over access to the app, enabling them to govern usage, and manage devices and accounts.

The app allows businesses to receive tailored content that delivers the material customers or employees want to view, such as sports or special interest channels.

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For existing Comcast Business TV subscribers, the Xfinity Stream App for business  comes at no extra cost. Businesses should contact Comcast with queries about the Comcast Xfinity Stream for Live TV app, or to check whether the Comcast Business service is available in your area.

Lunch times and breaks need not be laborious affairs, as employees can watch the latest games or their favorite shows and fully relax during breaktimes. By enabling your employees to view TV at work from any device, the TV streaming app could potentially be a major perk for employees, helping you boost worker morale and increase staff loyalty and thereby improving employee retention rates.

Similarly, for businesses prone to customer wait times, such as beauty salons, medical offices and mechanics, the Xfinity Stream App could make waiting times significantly more enjoyable, as customers simply sit back and be entertained by live TV. Subsequently, the stream app could act as a powerful customer-experience booster, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty at your business.

As Jeremy Andreoli, Executive Director, Video Product, Strategy and Business Development at Comcast Business, said in a press release:

“Xfinity Stream for Business is a great solution for waiting rooms, employee break areas, lobbies and more. Businesses can surprise and delight both their customers and employees by giving them more flexibility to watch programming and, at the same time, avoid unnecessary costs associated with purchasing an extra television.

“Xfinity Stream for Business allows businesses to get even more value out of their Comcast Business TV subscription and improve experiences for their customers and employees alike.”

On the downside, giving employees the freedom to watch live TV anywhere and at any time at work, could lead to unwanted downtime. Instead of concentrating on work, employees may be tempted to watch a live sports tournament or an episode of their favorite show, with the app acting as a distraction, which results in declining productivity levels within the workforce.

In this sense it might be wise to put some ‘rules’ in place in relation to the Xfinity Stream App, such as limiting employee access to the service to breakout rooms and while on their lunch or breaks.

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