BambooHR Launches Tool to Track Employee Morale

BambooHR Launches Tool to Help Track Employee Morale Using eNPS

Using employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), BambooHR is going to offer the tools which were originally designed to measure customer and client satisfaction and apply them internally within your small business. Business owners will have actionable data about the satisfaction of their employees. This will allow them to make informed decisions about how to make necessary improvements to improve company morale.

Senior copywriter Rob de Luca explained on the BambooHR Blog about how important it is to have a satisfied workforce. While poor employee morale can lead to detrimental outcomes in your business, a positive workplace culture with satisfied employees has multiple benefits.

In his post, de Luca writes, “Employee satisfaction is linked to positive workplace mood, higher engagement, increased retention, and even better financial outcomes — you could almost call it a barometer for the overall health of your organization.”

BambooHR Launches Tool to Help Track Employee Morale Using eNPS

Introducing Employee Satisfaction – BambooHR Blog

Employee Satisfaction with eNPS

BambooHR is using a proven solution to engage employees and measure how they really feel about their workplace. The solution is based on the Net Promoter Score concept developed in 2003 by Fred Reichheld, a partner at Bain & Company,

According to BambooHR, it will give small businesses a way to gather honest feedback with hard numbers which can stand scrutiny.

The process begins by asking employees whether they would recommend their company as a good place to work, and why — or why not. The answers will provide decision makers with insights, including issues they might not be aware of affecting the company.

BambooHR says the anonymous nature of the platform makes the data the system generates real and accurate. Employees can be candid because they are not identified, so they don’t have to worry about risking their jobs or hurting feelings.

Solving Problems

A questionnaire will, according to BabmbooHR, let businesses find out what really matters to their employees. This the company says will, in turn, make it possible to fix real issues and things which are getting in the way of making a business better.

The data will show what is important to employees so they can become a more engaged, loyal and satisfied workforce. This will reduce employee churn and encourage more people to work for your company.

BambooHR Launches Tool to Help Track Employee Morale Using eNPS

Another problem which may be solved with the new solution is understanding the effectiveness of the policies a company puts in place. If the policies are not right, the engagement level of employees is low, which will result in a less productive company.

Knowing exactly how these policies affect your workforce lets you put a system in place to fit the specific needs of your company and not a generic solution which may or may not work.

You can try Employee Satisfaction with eNPS free for seven days here.

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  1. Love the company and love the tool. I would wonder though if you’d have a little less statistical robustness with the smaller number of employees. If one or two people really get harsh with their ratings it could make the situation look much worse than it really is.

  2. I guess this is really important because morale plays a vital role when it comes to productivity.

  3. With this, it is important to consider if you are also managing the stress of your staff. This is very important because it directly affects their work.