Spotlight: A Cleaning to Remember Goes the Extra Mile in a Competitive Market

Cleaning Business Success Story: A Cleaning to Remember Has Found the Perfect Formula for Getting Homes Truly Clean

Creating a cleaning service that actually solves all of homeowners’ cleaning problems is trickier than it may seem. A Cleaning to Remember is one company that has had to tweak its processes through the years. But the owner believes that the changes have led to a truly effective service that customers are really going to remember. Read more about the company below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers house cleaning services.

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Owner Inez Arevalo told Small Business Trends, “We provide residential cleaning services to EVERYONE who needs a clean home!”

Business Niche

Really removing all that excess pet hair around homes.

Arevalo says, “We vacuum the floors, sweep, mop and dry the floors afterward to make sure there is no hair from furry friends left behind.”

Cleaning Business Success Story: A Cleaning to Remember Has Found the Perfect Formula for Getting Homes Truly Clean

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How the Business Got Started

Due to inefficiencies in the house cleaning market.

Arevalo explains, “One rainy day in 2015 I got tired of paying several different companies to clean our home and still having soap scum left on the shower glass door. I realized by a simple online search how one simple and inexpensive product (vinegar) could clean my shower glass door.” She says that’s when the idea to start a cleaning business came to her.

Biggest Win

Successfully navigating early obstacles.

Arevalo says, “Biggest win in our business was getting through the first year of obstacles and growing in personnel and recurring clients.”

Biggest Risk

Making a major change to their processes.

Arevalo says, “When we started, our teams consisted of 2 or 3 employees. This year (2018) we took the risk of sending cleaners completely on their own (no partners) to clean homes. If the employee failed to arrive to work, that means scrambling to replace them last minute. However, it has worked out — the employee is happy working alone, the clients feel more comfortable with less individuals in their homes and the end result has been favorable.”



Cleaning Business Success Story: A Cleaning to Remember Has Found the Perfect Formula for Getting Homes Truly Clean

Lesson Learned

Don’t focus so much on doubts.

Arevalo adds, “I had doubts the business would fail, was worried of lawsuits, bad reviews, doubtful we would grow with so much competition in our area. I realize now the stress is not worth it. Dive in with no regrets or doubts!”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Expand the customer base.

Arevalo explains, “[We would] branch out to all of Houston and advertise, advertise, advertise.”

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