The 12 Best Places to Find eBay Listing Templates for your Small Business

The 12 Best Places for eBay Listing Templates

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Selling items on eBay can be a lucrative business and an effective way to make money working from home. Listing items on eBay can be time consuming, and if you’re a frequent seller on eBay, finding ways to save time conducting listings is desirable.

One way to save valuable time is to create quality listings with reusable eBay listing templates. With such templates you no longer have to start from scratch with your listing, as you simply have to revise the information. Listing templates also give buyers more consistent information across all a seller’s listings.

Where to Get eBay Listing Templates

Start saving time and create quality and consistent item listings on eBay with the following 12 best eBay listing templates sites.

Seller Hub

eBay’s Seller Hub allows you to run your business on eBay in one convenient place. Seller Hub has a number of tools to help sellers run more efficient businesses on eBay, including a listing template. You can create up to ten different templates on Seller Hub designed to streamline listings and save time. Seller Hub is free for eBay sellers.

eSeller Solutions

eSeller Solutions enables you to design a bespoke, custom-made template for your brand rather than using a generic template, thereby giving your small eBay business a more professional edge. By associating your brand with your listings, eSeller Solutions can be an effective promotional tool.

The matching listing template tool is available in all three of eSeller Solutions’ eBay seller packages. The eBay Pro Theme Package costs approximately $630, plus VAT.

eBay Template Shops

Enjoy professional-looking templates for an affordable price at eBay Template Shops. Custom-made templates start at around $3.99 a month for the template wizard package. For small businesses with bigger budgets, the basic shop design provides more comprehensive design features for your eBay store.


Sellercore offers custom-made eBay action templates for free. You can create listing templates on Sellercore quickly and efficiently and then reuse them to save time and generate higher quality auction listings designed to increase sales.

OC Designs Online

OC Designs Online provide eBay listing templates that can be tailored to your individual brand. All OC Design Online’s listing templates are mobile responsive. eBay design packages start at $249.


WidgetChimp allows you to create stunning template for eBay listings within seconds. WidgetChimp templates are also mobile responsive, which is essential for today’s consumer who like to browse and shop online from mobile devices. There is no limit on how many templates you can create with WidgetChimp. WidgetChimp’s Professional plan costs $15.95 per month.


CrazyLister offers over 200 quality eBay templates to choose from. With simple listing management software, you can create new listings quickly and edit live listings instantly with CrazyLister. All templates on CrazyLister are mobile friendly and sellers can keep ended listings forever. CrazyLister plans start at $7 a month.

Super Action Template

Super Auction Template provides free eBay listing templates, which you can copy and paste into your listing. A total of eight templates are available in simple designs.


NinjaTemplates provides templates designed to help eBay sellers cut through the competition by creating stand-out listings. NinjaTemplates can also revise, install and test your eBay templates in what the company claims to be “less time than anyone else.” NinjaTemplates’ eBay design package costs a flat price of $599.


Frooition listing templates for eBay are fully compliant with eBay’s active content regulations, giving you peace of mind your listings adhere to eBay’s selling guidelines. Sellers can process listings and revisions in bulk quickly and efficiently. You can book a free listing review with an eBay certified Frooition team member. Frooition’s listing rescue feature costs from $149.


As well as allowing users to create bespoke eBay templates for listings, InkFrog enables sellers to auto-renew certain listings, meaning unsold items are only delisted for a minimal period. InkFrog’s catalogue auto-suggest feature makes it easy to match your items with eBay’s catalogue. InkFrog has different pricing plans designed to help sellers grow their eBay business. The basic plan costs $9 a month, billed annually.

Free Boutique Templates

Free Boutique Templates provides eBay sellers with different templates for free to use by providing the html code. Sellers can choose between fun, animated templates, designed to create eye-catching eBay listing that help sell products.

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  1. Ebay still has its place despite the times. But I think that it should bring up its game in order to cope with the changing online world.

  2. I didn’t know that there is a business with just ebay templates. That’s cool.

  3. I don’t know how far this can go though. Is it worth it to get these templates?

    • In my opinion, templates can make you stand out and help direct customers around your product base.

      However it depends on the product you are selling: If you are selling the latest iPhone then it’s purely about price. Customers know exactly what the product does and they are searching for 1 specific product. They are less likely to look at the description.

      Ebay/paypal have done a great job around trust and safety so you know you’ll get your cash back if it all goes wrong so looking like a genuine seller is less important.

      Where templates do help is when you are selling and emotional product, where the theatre of the listing enhance the purchase. This works particularly well for hobby products where the shopping experience is part of the whole process.

      Certain providers use dynamic features such as categories and cross promotion to ensure that buyers are offered relevant products from their inventory, this can also help increase sales.

      When it comes to ROI that is a case by case basis.

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  8. Nice post, a lot of these tools. I personally use , I am happy because it is easy to use, the template is professional and you can quickly paste it on Ebay.

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