82% of Marketers Report Increased Open Rates Through Email Personalization (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Most Important Email Personalization Statistics You Need to Know Today (INFOGRAPHIC)

Get this, 82 percent of marketers reported an increase in open rates through email personalization, while 75 percent believe that personalization yields higher click-through rates. This information and more is featured in a new infographic ActiveTrail, a company specializing in marketing automation.

And while most small business owners and marketers have started to appreciate the power of personalization in the client acquisition and sales journey, it is not unusual to sometimes come across a ‘one size fits all’ email that just puts you off. To understand just how grave this matter is, ActiveTrail explains how 52 percent of customers would take their search elsewhere if an email is not personalized. This fact is further confirmed by Salesforce research revealing how the information bombardment method does not work on consumers anymore. If anything, consumers in the research said they judge a company’s reputation by its marketing  personalization.

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On the flip side, the ActiveTrail infographic reveals 63 percent of Millennials, 58 percent of Gen Xers, and 46 percent of Baby Boomers are willing to share personal information with companies as a result of personalized emails or discounts.

A marketer’s job of course doesn’t end with the attraction of a customer to a company’s store or website. The main objective would be to increase customer lifetime value.  To this end, data from the infographic reveals segmented, targeted and personalized emails can help a company generate 58% of all revenue.

But before you start personalizing your emails, there are also other factors that you need to consider.

For instance, it is always important for you to stay aware of the specific customers you are trageting. For example, make sure you stay away from multi-generational marketing mistakes that might negatively impact your business. Also, always remember the idea behind personalization is to let customers know you care about their tastes and preferences. And make sure your email personalization strategy does not intrude in your customers’ lives in ways that might make them feel as if their privacy is being violated.

Email Personalization Statistics

Overall, no matter how you slice it, email personalization can help you boost your transactional rates and revenue. Take a look at the ActiveTrail infographic below for more insights.

The Most Important Email Personalization Statistics You Need to Know Today (INFOGRAPHIC)

Image: ActiveTrail

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  1. Email personalization has always been proven to work since the old times. I guess there is something about receiving an email that is addressed to you and your needs.

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