Facebook Says Updates Allow Customers to Interact with More Small Businesses

Facebook Local Marketing Updates Allow Users to Find More Small Businesses

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has announced a series of updates designed to make it much easier for users to connect with local small businesses.

The social media giant said it has more than 1.6 billion people around the world who are connected to a small business on Facebook. The new updates have been, in part, created based on feedback from users who wanted a simpler way to make this connection.

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This will give small businesses more effective ways to engage with users in their areas, whether those users are looking to frequent their place of business or apply for a job.

The social media giant says there are more than 80 million businesses using Facebook to engage with their customers, drive transactions and maintain their online presence. The new updates are geared to make those interactions as seamless as possible and more valuable.

Facebook Local Marketing Updates

On the Facebook Business blog, the company claims, each week two out of three people visit a local business Page or an Event Page. So it only makes sense to update Pages regularly to make the most of this exposure.

Small Business Deals

Facebook’s Pages have been redesigned to make the interaction for users with small businesses on mobile. The idea is to make it much easier for consumers to find what they are looking for and make arrangements. Users can now book appointments, make reservations and view recent images, upcoming events and offers.

Another feature will let businesses customize their information. You can now post business hours, price range, menus and more on your Page so they will be available right away. Facebook says it will highlight the most recent events and offers for restaurant and service businesses.

Businesses using Facebook Stories can also make their videos available on Pages so their customers can see who is behind the company. If you have new promotions, special offers or new products or services, using Stories lets your customers hear it directly from you.

This includes any events you might be promoting. Facebook Events has been updated with features for simplifying ticket sales. A new ticket integration will let you sell tickets directly on Facebook and Event Ads will help you promote your event.

Last but not least is the expansion of Facebook’s Jobs feature. The job application tool has been improved globally to help local businesses find the best candidate in their location. This feature will be available in the next few months.

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  1. This is great. Facebook is slowly evolving into assisting more businesses. It seems to be the first option when it comes to advertising.

  2. Facebook is really moving towards helping businesses. Its platform is even more profitable than Google’s.

  3. I think that there are a lot of advertisers who have made the switch simply because the Facebook ad platform is just so effective.