Sprint MultiLine Allows Separation of Business and Personal Calls on the Same Phone

Sprint MultiLine Allows 2 Numbers on 1 Phone

You want two separate numbers for business and personal communication, but do you get a separate phone or a second line? Sprint MultiLine wants you to opt for the latter because it solves a number of issues and it is much cheaper.

Sprint MultiLine

In recognition of winning the Frost & Sullivan 2018 New Product Innovation Award, Sprint is reminding consumers of the benefits of having a second line on one mobile device. And as more companies allow their employees to bring their own device (BYOD), having two different lines clearly separates personal and business communications.

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This feature is especially useful for small businesses needing to save money with BYOD policies and at the same time maintain a professional presence. The Sprint Multiline service offers a set of tools for keeping track of the business line while giving the employee privacy all in one device.

Brent Iadarola, vice president of mobile and wireless communications for Frost and Sullivan, pointed out some of the features of MultiLine and why it awarded the prize to Sprint.

In an official release, Iadarola said, “The Sprint MultiLine solution uniquely balances the reporting, security, and accounting needs of businesses while retaining employee freedom of choice and personal privacy. Sprint MultiLine is an innovative mobile solution that caters to the evolving demands of both businesses and employees in the era of BYOD.”

Second Line Solutions

The market is full of apps which provide second numbers for smartphones. However, when it comes to meeting the regulatory compliances of business communications in certain industries, most of them fall short.

Where the Sprint MultiLine service stands out is the ability to give businesses full control while addressing compliance issues connected to accounting and security, the company says.

This type of control lets your business retain the number as well as any history, relationships and communications attached to it. If there are any company device purchases, services and support, connected to the business number, they can be saved for accounting and other auditing purposes.

Sprint MultiLine supports compliance with industry regulations, like Dodd-Frank by enabling call and text recording. Having this record readily available makes auditing much easier and ensures you are complying with the law. Sprint also keeps your company information protected and stores it in a safe place.

When it comes to mobile spending and usage, Sprint gives businesses more control over their number. You can set and control business parameters to manage your communications budget and optimize employee BYOD stipends with mobile business analytics.

When you are ready to add a business number to your employee’s device, it can be on any network. This means your employee doesn’t have to be a Sprint customer. And if they happen to leave your company, you can easily remove the number and assign it to another employee.

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