Stripe Partner Program Allows Small Businesses to Customize Their Digital Payment Systems

Stripe Partner Program Launches

The launch of the Stripe Partner Program has been designed to allow users of the platform to create and deploy payment systems along with new revenue stream opportunities.

Stripe has been growing at a rapid pace since it was founded in 2011. The growth is fueled by $450 million in VC funding and by widespread adoption around the world. The partner program will extend the reach Stripe currently has by giving businesses and developers the ability to build powerful tools and extensions.

For small businesses, this program provides opportunities to build new customer experiences, launch faster and reach a much larger audience. The Stripe ecosystem and network offer a business opportunity in the digital payment sector which you can customize for each client with industry standard solutions.

In a post on the official Stripe blog, Ecosystem team member Vicki Lin explains what Stripe offers in terms of a comprehensive payment system. Lin explains, “Stripe’s APIs and operational infrastructure help partners bring businesses online and enable new types of businesses. We help handle everything related to payments, including global compliance, 24×7 payments support and supporting the latest features.”

The Stripe Partner Program

The program is free to register, and once you become a partner, Stripe will give you access to documentation and best practices to quickly and easily integrate and launch a payment solution.

As a partner, you can build payment integrations by following technical best practices and launch these solutions with Stripe’s optimized go-to-market strategies.

You will also have access to tools for helping your customers with pre-built marketing resources and customized FAQs, as well as receiving regular partner updates about new Stripe products and features.

If you need additional resources, you can apply to be a Stripe Verified Partner, which will cost you $250 per year.

Getting verified will help you get discovered with a listing in the Works with Stripe partner’s gallery. And you can promote your integration with ready-made, co-branded marketing resources. You can also give your customers early access to Stripe products, escalate support questions on their behalf and more.

Benefits of the Partnership

More than anything, the partnership gives you access to the Stripe ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of millions of companies in more than 120 countries, which include some of the leading brands in the world.

Using the economic infrastructure technology stripe has developed, you can start accepting payments and manage your own online business or provide services for other companies.

By combining a payment platform with applications designed to make revenue data an integral part of your business operations, this solution gives businesses valuable insight into the digital commerce ecosystem.


Stripe is essentially a developer platform for payment systems. The company gives businesses and developers the tools and technology they need to grow. This includes industry-leading documentation with extensive API libraries so users can build customer integration quickly and efficiently.

Stripe Partner Program Launches

When you create a solution, Stripe helps developers by contributing to open-source projects with patches and sponsorships for further development.

Everything is managed in a cloud-based infrastructure to ensure a high degree of availability, reliability and security along with the capability to scale as needed globally.

You can register as a Stripe partner here.

Image: Stripe


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  1. I guess this is a necessary step for Stripe for they will get to have different payment systems into one platform.

  2. I guess there is really some success from all-in-one apps. It is the add-ons that usually keeps people coming back.

  3. I can only see Stripe evolving from here. With all the new partners, it will continue to be one of the top payment processors online.