Zoho Mail Celebrates 10 Years – and 10 Million Business Users

Zoho Mail Turns 10, Celebrates Over 10 Million Business Users

Zoho Mail is celebrating its tenth birthday. During the last decade, the ad-free business email account has evolved from a “bare-bones communication tool”, to a collaboration platform that is rich in features to meet the needs of small businesses.

Zoho Mail Turns 10

Testament to the mailing platform’s success, as the company celebrates ten years in operation it proudly asserts it now has over 10 million business users. In a statement on its blog about its ten-year birthday, Zoho Mail wrote:

“On this celebratory note, we are proud to announce that we have surpassed 10 million business accounts. In fact, on any given day, Zoho Mail’s servers process about 30 million emails. And in the time it’s taken you to read this post, more than 20k emails have passed through our system.”

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Zoho Mail is offered as part of the Zoho Workplace system, which includes an integrated suite of nine apps, including Office Suite and Zoho Docs.

Saving Time with Streams

Designed with business users in mind, Zoho Mail allows businesses to cut through their email clutter, tag people and share folders in just one click. Recognizing how much time businesses waste sifting through emails, Zoho Mail has introduced Streams, where users simply share an email with an ‘@’, mentioning the people they want to involve in the conversation.

Instead of having to read long and cumbersome email threads, Zoho Mail’s Stream feature crafts more productive email conversations, helping businesses save significant amounts of time.

Bringing a Social Element to Business Emails

Zoho Mail appreciates that for businesses to get the most from their employees, there needs to be an element of fun. The platform’s Socialize feature means every team member gets a wall, a personal space to hangout.

Small Business Deals

Users can post messages from their wall to the group and tag colleagues to start a discussion. Team members can comment and like posts and attach important information to message threads, such as progress reports. Tasks can be created and assigned to colleagues and notes can be ‘stuck’ to Streams.

Combining the “best of old-school email with new-age social media”, Zoho Mail allows business to sent vital group emails, when only emails will do. Though when real-time conversations are warranted and there’s too many comments constantly coming in to monitor and keep on top of through ‘old-school’ emails, business uses can start a group chat via Streams.

Staying on Top of Business Communication While on the Go

Modern businesses rarely stay in one place and with more and more teams working remotely and colleagues regularly traveling and conducting business offsite, it’s vital businesses can continue conversations whilst on the go.

This is where Zoho Mail’s Streams App can prove to be a godsend, allowing users to enjoy the perks of an uncluttered inbox and collaborated discussions in group messaging from mobile devices.

In 2017, Zoho launched SalesInbox, an email service designed solely for salespeople. Rather than displaying emails strictly in chronological order, SaleInbox prioritizes customer conversations, making it easier for salespeople to identify customer emails and communicate with important clients with greater ease and efficiency.

At the same time, Zoho also announced it was making upgrades to its popular CRM system and expanding into the European market.

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  1. Zoho mail is great because you can have all important messages in one location. This will be great if you constantly exchange messages with your team members.

  2. Congrats Zoho and its team for completing 10 years of successful business. I am a big fan of zoho products and services and using them for 3 years never had any issues with them so far. Thanks for sharing this.

    Have a Great Day 🙂