20 Agricultural Apps for Your Farm Business

20 Agricultural Apps for Your Farm Business

Research by the Farm Journal Media shows that 59% of farmers use a smartphone and 44% use tablets. If you’re a farmer that uses mobile devices, downloading different agricultural apps would be a smart move to help make your small farming business more efficient.

If you’re a farmer that doesn’t use a mobile device, it’s time to embrace the 21st century by using modern technology.

Agricultural Apps

Either way, take a look at 20 agricultural apps your farm business shouldn’t be without.


Stay up-to-date with cropping, record-keeping, current weather conditions and more with the Sirrus app.  This useful app for farmers is available for free on iOS operating systems.


FarmLogs is a farm management app, designed to help farmers execute their grain marketing decision. You can collect and log detailed information on a per-field basis with this highly useful app. You can also track lists, rainfall history and plan and budget on a season-to-season basis.

Growers Edge

Growers Edge allows farmers to gain access to crucial aspects of their business from an iPhone of Android phone. The app also provides market commentary, farming news, weather information, a local rain report and commodity quotes, everything to help farmers improve operations and maximize profits.


Stay on top of the latest farming industry headlines, commentary, quotes and podcasts with the FarmFutures app, to ensure your up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the world of farming.

Farm At Hand

Manage your entire farming operations with greater ease and efficiency with Farm At Hand, a free, cloud-based farm management app. The app also captures key field data and allow you to track key activities such as harvesting, spraying and planting.


Do you run a small poultry farm? If so, use the Ross app to reference poultry flock performance and efficiency.

Encirca View

Pioneer’s Encirca View app is an all-in-one source of market data, marketing strategies, farming news, real-time weather and custom alerts for the farming community. You can also create and share geo-located notes, research historical weather trends and more, with this intuitive app for farm business owners.

Pocket Rain Gauge

Never be caught out in the rain again with Agrible’s Pocket Rain Gauge app. The app brings you accurate, location-specific rainfall measurements in an instant.


In the market for a new tractor? If so, save time and energy by downloading the TractorHouse app and browse through thousands of tractor listings. You can browse by location for the nearest perfect tractor for your specific needs.


Download the free AgWeb app to receive direct feeds on up-to-date market quotes, seven-day weather forecast, radio commentary and agricultural news with the AgWeb app, to help make your farm’s operations more efficient.


AgriSync is a free app for farmers designed to enable you to connect with your trusted advisors in an instant. Failing equipment can prove detrimental to a farming business. With the AgriSync app you can be back up and running in no time with the equipment support feature.

1,000 Weeds of North America

Weeds can be the bane of a farmer’s life. Don’t let pesky weeds stand in your way by using the 1,000 Weeds of North America app, designed to help users identify plants by specifying characteristics from a variety of categories, such as leaves, flowers and stems.


An efficient harvest fleet means a more efficient farm. Direct your harvest truck fleet more efficiently with the GrainTruckPlus app. With this useful app, you will know where your team us and where the nearest elevators are, helping you improve harvesting efficiency.

Nutrient ROI Calculator

How nutritious are your crops? Use PotashCorp’s eKonomics Nutrient ROI Calculator to give you a more accurate reflection of expected nutrient response in production agriculture. Consequently, you’ll be able to make more accurate nutrient application plans and maximise yields and profits.

Used Farm Equipment

All farmers need to update equipment every now and then. Save time and effort and purchase essential farming equipment for the best possible price with the Used Farm Equipment app developed by Farms.com.


FARMapper is a web-based app that enables farmers to build descriptive and detailed farm maps quickly and efficiently. With the FARMapper app you can access your farm project and share it from almost any device.

Stockmove Express

You can register the movement of livestock, as well as births and death with the Stockmove Express app. This time-saving app can also be used to record data offline.

Citrus Pests Key

Don’t let pests damage your crops any more by using the Citrus Pests Key app to help you identify various insect pests. This highly useful app provides fact sheets and illustrations for different citrus pests to help you identify certain pests with ease.

Pocket Spray Smart

Another highly useful agricultural app for farmers by Agrible is the Pocket Spray Smart app. Download this app and field-specific spraying conditions are just a tap away.


You can determine optimum droplet size and PSI for all your applications whilst on the go with the NozzleCalc app, designed to help farmers spray with greater confidence.

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  3. I guess it is often forgotten due to the focus on tech-based startups. But I guess there is much opportunity in the agricultural sector for the demand remains consistent.

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