Amazon Set to Sell Live Christmas Trees Benefiting Local Growers

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Amazon is Selling Christmas Trees - Will Convenience Trump Tradition?

Market giant Amazon will sell and deliver multiple kinds of full-size live Christmas trees, a company spokesperson announced Wednesday.

Some of the trees will even be shipped in only two days’ time for members with a yearly subscription program, an Amazon spokesperson said Wednesday,  according to CNN Money.

Not only will  Amazon sell and deliver live trees between two and seven feet in height, but the company will also offer a choice of Black Hills Spruce, Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir and Norfolk Island Pine for buying customers, CNN reported.

“We see their entry into the market as offering consumers another option to purchase a real tree to make their Christmas special, better for the environment and support local Christmas tree growers,” National  Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) executive director Tim O’Connor told CNN, welcoming the announcement. “More options for consumers to purchase a real tree are better for everyone,” O’Connor added.

Amazon sold midget trees — under three feet — in 2017, but has never sold full-size trees. It sells artificial Christmas trees in addition to live trees.

There are roughly 350 million Christmas trees growing on tree farms in the U.S. Americans purchased 27.4 million live Christmas trees and 18.6 million fake trees in 2016,  according to NCTA.

Americans spent $1.32 billion on live Christmas trees in 2015,  according to Market Watch. The cost of a real Christmas tree has  more than doubled since 2008.

The company will also offer  Christmas wreaths, garlands and flowers in addition to Christmas trees.

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  1. This is interesting. It seems that the use of live Christmas trees need to be relived.