7 Reasons Chatbots Are a Unicorn Hack in Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

7 Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

As marketers, we’re looking for more reach, more leads, more conversions.

Watching the steady decline of organic Facebook reach and the steady increase of Facebook ads costs has been a major challenge for Facebook marketers in 2018.

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But there’s a way to regain reach and engagement with Facebook users. With less than 1% of business using this channel to connect with customers, it’s the best-kept secret and competitive advantage in digital marketing today.

If you want to grow your audience, drive traffic and conversions and deliver a better user experience, add Facebook Messenger automation to your Facebook marketing mix.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Here are seven reasons why the best marketers are using Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Facebook Messenger smashes News Feed algorithm reach.

The Facebook algorithm update radically reduced organic Facebook post reach to an average 1-2% of fans.

Content delivered in Facebook Messenger gets record-levels of engagement and visibility.

According to data from Facebook Messenger marketing platform MobileMonkey (my company), average open rate of Facebook Messenger messages is 50-80% and the average click rate is 20%.

Facebook Ads that send to a Messenger chatbot get 4x-50x better ROAs.

Mobile-friendly ads convert about 3x to 5x times more than desktop ads. Most Facebook Messenger users are on mobile.

The ability to show ads through Facebook Messenger is a boon for businesses vying to gain more visibility with potential customers.

Facebook Messenger ads not only raise awareness of your brand, but also create a customer record in your Facebook Messenger marketing platform that becomes a direct line for personalized communication.

You could use Facebook ads to drive anonymous traffic to your website. This is the traditional way.

Or you could get a prospects name, location and way to send follow-up messaging with click-to-Messenger ads.

You can mass message Facebook Messenger contacts.

As with email marketing, blasting out messages to your contacts is a good way to increase brand awareness.

However, chat blasting has been found to be more effective as chat messages have a much higher open rate (remember, up to 80%!) than email messages, organic social posts, and even paid search ads.

On Facebook Messenger, you can even chat blast specific audiences.

You can collect information from your users, then create custom definitions based on that information to segment your audience based on what they prefer or do, and then you can selectively market to them to increase your potential conversion rate.

Facebook Messenger chatbots grow your contact list.

Facebook Messenger gets extremely high open rates of 80%.

With those messages come responses, and with those responses comes a healthy, growing contact list.

You can also grow your contacts and leads as your number of conversations rise, thanks to your 24/7 chatbot availability.

It’s not just the fact that you’re chatbot will have more conversations that will grow your contacts.

It’s also automations like Facebook Messenger marketing platform MobileMonkey’s Facebook post autoresponder.

When you set up a Facebook post autoresponder, your chatbot will message everyone who comments on your Facebook page post.

That added level of engagement is how you can turn commenters into actual leads.

Chatbots seamlessly automate Q&As.

You can build a conversational chatbot for Facebook Messenger marketing with question-and-answer triggers.

Q&A triggers let you configure a chat experience based on keywords and common queries.

The chatbot answers questions and handle requests.

For example, let’s say you have a webinar coming up.

You can set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot to handle webinar sign-ups, wherein the chatbot triggers will lead users to where they can sign up.

A live operator can take over the chat at any time.

Chatbots allow you to scale your customer service.

With a chatbot, customers can get answers to basic queries 24/7 neither wait times nor expensive human operator staffing required.

However — if there’s a question that’s too complicated for the chatbot to properly respond to, a live operator is able to jump into the conversation to address that concern.

It’s the best of all worlds. Personalized customer service and communications with automations that scale and grow.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can be built and launched without coding chops.

Facebook Messenger marketing platforms like my software company MobileMonkey have given marketers a coding-free solution for creating chatbots.

There’s no need to wait for a developer to code anything — you can just create chatbot lead funnels for your Facebook page with drag and drop ease and a visual chatbot builder.

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