10 Best Dropbox Apps for Small Business Users

The 10 Best Dropbox Apps for Small Business Users

Providing storage backup, convenient file sharing, easy access, and other collaborative features, Dropbox (NASDAQ: DBX) is a great tool for small businesses. Third-party developers continue to make one of the oldest and most popular cloud storage services even better, by providing fantastic apps designed to help users get even more out of Dropbox.

Best Dropbox Apps

Here’s ten Dropbox apps every small business that relies on Dropbox should be aware of.


It’s not uncommon for Dropboxes to become cluttered, disorganized and laden with abundant files that eat up the limited storage Dropbox users have. Small businesses can conveniently automate their Dropbox to unlock more space with the free Finesse app.

You can schedule files for deletion, set custom rules based on file type, folder and location and review former files that have been cleaned up with the Finesse app, helping you small business keep on top of content in your Dropbox and ensuring you never run out of space.


Moving files and data from Dropbox to other platforms can take time, time that small business teams simply don’t have. Help your small business save time with the Mover app, which moves files and data automatically from Dropbox to Google Drive, SkyDrive and Box.

With Mover you can also create schedules for transfers and timestamp transfers, so that historical data doesn’t get lost. By backing up files and data, small businesses can have greater peace of mind about how and where data is being transferred from Dropbox.

Dropbox Encore

If you have separate Dropbox accounts for work and home, you can use Dropbox Encore to keeps accounts separate and thereby avoid confusing personal and business data.


Recording voice memos and sharing them with colleagues and clients can be a significantly quicker way to communicate and share important information than written memos.

Save even more time and energy by recording voice memos to Dropbox via RecUp. Simply start recording on the RecUp app, double-tap to pause or single-tap to stop and, once you’ve finished, the recording automatically uploads to Dropbox.

This universal app runs equally efficiently on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The RecUp app costs $1.99 form the App Store.


Whisply transfers files via Dropbox directly in your browser via leading end-to-end encryption technology. By uniting easy public link sharing with real end-to-end encryption, the Whisply app is perfect for ensuring sensitive files are shared within your team quickly and securely.


Creating forms is a ltask many small businesses have to carry out every now and then. JotForm takes much of the time, laboriousness and angst out of creating forms, as its form building software lets you create and publish online forms with ease and for free.

You can upload JotForm to Dropbox to upload JotForm forms to Dropbox quickly and easily.


SortMyBox is a free and easy to use Dropbox app, in which you create your own sorting rules. The app will save new files in Dropbox and move them based on the rules you create, similar to email filters. Being moving files when and where you want them, SortMyBox helps your small business keep photos, videos and content in the Dropbox well organized.


Site44 is an incredibly useful Dropbox app for small businesses wanting to turn Dropbox folders into websites. Simply sign into Dropbox and allow Site44 access. You can then choose a name and create a new website. Site44 creates a new folder for the website in your Dropbox. You can modify the content of the folder and changes become live immediately on the website.

10 website and 10GM of monthly traffic costs from $4.95 per month on Site44.


Managing your website with Dropbox could help simplify and make website management easier and more efficient. The KISSr app does just this, providing a web-hosting service that’s synchronized with your Dropbox. KISSr is free for 1 prototype site and costs just $5 a month for an unlimited service.


Streamline the text-writing sharing process and save time and energy by doing so with the Writebox app. This simple text editor for Dropbox allows you to write and share text on devices and PCs. The text you write is automatically saved locally, giving you peace of mind important written information won’t be lost.

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